Top 10 Things Hustlers Got Factually Right & Wrong

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Is this for real or did the filmmakers hustle their audience? For such a non-stop sensational film, there are bound to be a few mishaps. If you saw this film and wondered what was real and what was fake, we have the answers for you! For this list, we’re taking a look at plot points in “Hustlers” that were fabricated for creative purposes and others that were shockingly accurate. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Things Hustlers Got Factually Right and Wrong.

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  1. Who else loved Hustlers?! Let us know your favorite moments below if you've seen it!

  2. Wow!!! You did that to yourself
    But Jennifer's portrayal of you is the real problem…?? Girl…😒

  3. The way she says there's no story line just Jennifer damn

  4. Homegirl was giving make overs? 😂 the irony because damn.

  5. Also she wasnt a blonde..

  6. Just another FAILING HOLLYWOOD REJECTS film!FEMALE strippers that don't take their clothes off?SURE!Only in HOLLYWOOD the FEMALES are INSECURE to show their VAGINAS!Didn't fail to show a PENIS just to EXPLOIT AND OBJECTIFY the male!PHUCKING HYPOCRITES!Haha,but that why the FAILING HOLLYWOOD REJECTS are FAILING to real ACTRESSES in PORN!THAT'S FUNNY!

  7. I wonder how the victims felt when they saw this was being released. I mean, knowing they were drugged and taken advantage of then robbed and having to relive that? Eesh.

  8. I think they did it well 😂💖 they should not say sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️ congrat Bitcheeees 😍💖😂

  9. Real life Destiny is pretty hot and seems smart! Real life Ramona…..ummmm how were you even hired?

  10. I can't believe she's so upset about being portrayed as a stripper. Like, girl, you were robbin' people. You're okay with that portrayal but somehow stripping is beneath you? Strippers make an honest living, you were scamming folks.

  11. Most hustlers get plastic surgeries or get hooked on drugs. Really Sad

  12. This movie tried to make us feel sorry for a group of grimey hoes

  13. Someone else liked and didn't like the movie.

  14. Obviously there’s going to be differences in stories, but it’s Hollywood, they actually have to make a good film out of it

  15. If these were men drugging women and stealing from them would this movie be equally celebrated ..
    I already know the answer to but a guy was charged with a crime just for going on dates and letting women pay but you know men have it so easy and yet Women can get away with shit like this and be praised for it.. smh there is no equality not for me as a man..

  16. Didn't their real hustle only last like 4 months

  17. People keep saying things the hustler got wrong, its not suppose to BE 100% the story it was inspired because of it ..

  18. She’s sooo mad 😆 and jealous. I see why she had to drug the men 😑🥴

  19. Honestly JLo could portray me as a drug addicted dog walker and I’d be thrilled! It’s JENNIFER FREAKING LOPEZ!

  20. I feel like the real “Ramona” (Samantha) was just mad that Jennifer didn’t try to reach out to her to see about her character because she wanted to meet her and say she met JLO. That girl is way too homely looking and should not have been played by Jennifer 💀

  21. Lol, she needs to be grateful that JLO is playing her. Once upon a time you stripped. It's not defamation. Poor girl has bad plastic surgery.

  22. The movie wasn’t that good

  23. This movie would be so much better without Lardi B trashy disgusting ass.

  24. at the beginning of the movie it said it’s based on true events which mean it’s not supposed to be exactly what happened and the stuff that was spot on was in the article interview they based it off of lol

  25. I love jlo and everything but come on we all know jlo wanted to show off her body and her ass, so of course she was going to have some pole action. She loves dancing and shaking her ass, what better way to do it than on a strip pole. She didn't care if Ramona really did it in real life she was going to do it no matter what.

  26. The movie was great. At the end of the day, this is NOT a biopic. It’s a movie INSPIRED by true events. This is as real as The 5 Heartbeats.

  27. It was based on a true story. Not a telling of the actually events. So of course it wont match. It's a different story that pulled from real life events 🙄👉🏽🚪

  28. The real Character that Jlo plays is not even cute or gorgeous

  29. The real " Ramona" ugly asf

  30. Mmmm this movie was meh lol loved Jlo’s dancing part tho! Other than that.. was a tad boring lol

  31. jlo was great obviously but she’s right there was no storyline 😂

  32. Barbash was a dancer at hustler and penthouse

  33. I think when they put true events on movies they should put partly true but make stuff at the same time to get it interesting. Not make things up on the way over I understand they do have to make it interesting but I wish they did the research before doing the movie. Just saying

  34. What I wanna know is if it was true that one of them always threw up when something bad or stressful happened lmaoo

  35. I didn't really care if the pool thing wasn't true bc that part was hilarious!!😂😂😂😂

  36. ok but why were Constance Wu's bangs sooooo bad??? I thought it was gonna be a joke later in the movie, but they really were just that bad. It was distracting!

  37. Okay? People fabricate true stories to make it more interesting…

  38. This was a film and a half

  39. If chlamydia had a face I bet it look exactly like Ramona, down to them stupid looking safety goggles.

  40. Hustlers was ok to me but not spectacular

  41. The movie was b***** everything about it was b***** the characters they play the way they played the characters it was all b***** I want my money back and I'm not going to lie i onlu paid 850 for Ticket cuz I went on a Tuesday🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Its a movie not a biography so it doesn't have to get everything right.

  43. I mean it says at the beginning, inspired by a true story not straight up

  44. These women are sex traffickers. Keo and Barbash used abusive, manipulative tactics to recruit and keep girls. They would take the largest cut of money that "lower teir dirty work" girls made. The "hookers" the video refers to had their money withheld by the two women and if they tried to leave the women would make it very "difficult" leaving the "lower tier" girls without money and having been physically abused badly. It's sad how glorious this video makes keo and barbash seem

  45. You think she’s just bitter that she didn’t get to talk to Jlo 😂

  46. Why did they photoshop Jlos boobs on the click bait💀

  47. this is why i dont get fucked up at the clubs especially the strip clubs 2pac said it best " TRUST NOBODY"

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