Top 10 Things Ford V Ferrari Got Right and Wrong

This is Fact v Fiction. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Ford v Ferrari Got Factually Right and Wrong.
For this list, we’re taking a look at plot points in this sports drama that are true to real life, as well a few that were made up for dramatic effect. In case you haven’t seen the film yet, keep in mind there will be spoilers. What do you believe Ford v. Ferrari got right and wrong? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Best documentary ever

  2. One thing that I didn't know was in the opening scene, Carroll Shelby was racing at Le Mans in 1959, during a pit stop he and the car caught on fire but they were still able to continue and went on to win. My question is did the fire actually happen?

  3. I just saw this movie like 3 days ago and I can say its a good movie

  4. can you please compare charlie's angels with drew and today's charlie's angels with stewart. 😁😁😁

  5. ale gownianu prodak pejcment i specjalnie to z błędami napisałem]

  6. One of great movie, wonderful feeling.

  7. Coming from a huge Shelby & Ford fan, I loved the movie. However, some people don't seem to understand that it's a movie. It's not a direct documentary. I see people complaining that all this stuff is incorrect. They can't get it all crammed into a 2 hour movie. So, some liberties have to be taken to appeal to a wider audience with some jazzed up bits throughout.

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  9. Fun Fact (as my opinion): Ford V Ferrari (2019 film) release date is November 15, 2019 (USA Date Release) is actually the same day as My 19th Year Old Birthday because my birthdate is November 15, 2000. Hi, I'm from Philippines.

  10. Ferrari backed out of the deal because Ford lowballed the hell out of Ferrari's racing team in terms of what they budgeted for Enzo to use.

  11. Just finished watching the movie I really enjoyed it. I thought it was messed up how Ford dicked Ken miles out of his first place victory.

  12. It's funny how Enzo Ferrari's outrageous remarks created the Ford GT40 and Lamborghini… What else

  13. Mesut Ozil could've been perfect for ezo ferrari's role.
    Who else agree with me?

  14. Ferrari hasn't won at Le Mans since 1965.

  15. I watched this video for only two minutes and already caught WM in two errors. 1. "Hank, the Deuce (Henry Ford II)" thought he had the sale ready to go when Enzo backed out of the deal because Ford wouldn't let him keep the racing division. 2. The famous "LeMans Start" wasn't discontinued until 1970, and so it was used in the races in which Ford competed. I'm not going to watch the rest of this because I don't want to see any real spoilers. Maybe someone will comment on the fact that Ford's publicity stunt cost Ken Miles the championship that year, as the race is scored not only by who crosses the Finish Line but has the most mileage.

  16. These are the types of "False" that a "Based on a true story" can be forgiven for and is acceptable. There was no major exaggeration in terms of say "Being the illegitimate father of a king." This is such a great film and I knew it would be the second I saw the trailer months ago and had never heard of this story of films existence.

  17. Wait I thought this film was called le mans '66 is Ford vs Ferrari an American title?

  18. It has no sound

  19. Christian bale stole the show

  20. Ken miles was basically the number 1 test driver…but also a very young Bruce mclaren ( the guy who created McLaren cars) was also a test driver. And EVERYONE said Bruce drove like a mad man. He would brake late and push harder then anyone including Miles

  21. Going to see it tomorrow night, anyone want to go watch it with me????

  22. The technicality was that winners McLaren/Amon started farther from the starting line than Miles/Hulme (when the racers ran to their cars), so when the three Fords crossed the finish line together together, the technicality was that a dead heat finish would give the victory to the car that traveled the farthest overall.

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