Top 10 Things A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Got Factually Right

For even more kindness:
These are the top 10 things 2019’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, directed by Marielle Heller and starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys, got factually right. Can a person really be this kind and genuine? For this list, we’re taking a look at the details in this biographical drama that remained true to the lives of both Fred Rogers and Tom Junod, the journalist who wrote the Esquire article it is based on, “Can You Say…Hero?” There is a spoiler alert of sorts in effect here. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood got a lot factually right, like Mr. Rogers’ photography, his swimming hobby, and his vegetarianism, and more! Join WatchMojo as we break down what A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood got factually right. What’s your favorite Mr. Rogers moment? Let us know in the comments below!
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  1. For even more kindness:

  2. A wonderful soul. The greatest advocate for childern that ever lived.

  3. The shoes in the movie are barely worn while the shoes in the real life tv opening are worn and they are made with nails on the heel $$$.

  4. The actual journalist looks like Joaquin Phoenix

  5. Weird.. Tom Junod looks a lot like Jaoquin Pheonix.

  6. Just let me…. enjoy the damn movie

  7. The silent minute also was part of Mr. Rogers' commencement address at Marquette University in 2001.

  8. Mr. Rogers is down in hell.
    Not because he was a bad person but because he couldn’t stand the thought of so many people being miserable, so he went down to cheer them up.

  9. as someone who lives in the moment, he took alot of photos!? this paraphrased statement makes no sense whatsoever. you realize that photos are for the future, exclusively, right. maybe you've never taken a photo, but the general idea is that you take a photo now(in the moment) to look at later(the opposite of "in the moment"). I guess you must have been confused about that… your welcome!

  10. Watchmojo be like "you mean the movie lied!!!" As if they will ever be able to perfectly recreate something. And that is a great quote from an old zombie movie.

  11. You notice how the left is always right.. But the right is always wrong.. IT WAS A KIDS SHOW AND IT SUCKED!

  12. Saw the movie this afternoon and pretty much cried through it. Tom Hanks did a fantastic job.

  13. I liked this movie but wasn’ t as emotional as i was when i watched the Documentary “wont you be my Neighbor” that came out a couple of years ago both were really good

  14. wait doesn't this movie have 2 male leads? Shouldn't everyone be up in arms about this? Just seems to be a problem in another very good new movie…not mentioning any other movies though.

  15. Geez…."143 means 'I love you'" The dude felt so ostracized as a child, he felt that to be loved he needed to be skinny. That may be a stretch, but it would explain why he was so dead set on making sure every child felt cared about. What a man

  16. I love Tom Hanls. But I dont know. Thia is like Will as the Geanie. I love will but will it work? Certain times in this clos I heard Forrest. Does.Tomreally become Mr Rogers or is he just acting well enough?

  17. I wonder what Tom Junod thinks about the Kevin Spacey article now that the Secret is out.

  18. One thing they got right
    He is a good neighbor
    And the intro

  19. so when In Living Colour had Jim Carrey mock Mr Rogers, i imagine Pittsburgh was quite upset.

  20. I can only watch so much looped video. I’m out.

  21. I have not seen the film yet but I can tell I will probably bawl my eyes out and he is a part of my childhood because I was born in 1980 so I got to see a lot of him still alive. To watch Tom Hanks just makes this feel just so right. I could see why they say it's uncanny. I'm tearing up already and I'm not afraid to say it

  22. If you were a kid living in Pittsburgh and learned how to use the phone book, you could look up Fred Rogers's phone number and call him. He would help you with your homework, chat with you for a bit or let you know it was time for bed if you were calling too late. He never said to stop calling, always asked your name and if you called a second time, would remember things you talked about the first time. He was a special human being. We need him now. I hope he is embracing us and will carry us through the next few years.

  23. I heard that Tom Hanks and Fred Rogers are in the same family 😱

  24. Just saw this movie yesterday…it really reached out to me. He is missed more than ever now. <3

  25. I like Tom Hanks but I feel he was a wrong pick to play Mr. Rogers. He doesn’t even attempt to do his voice. TH is a good actor but sadly not right for this role.

  26. Tom Junods hair? What the hell?

  27. May he Rest In Peace, we will always remember him.

  28. Cancer is unforgivable. Even though Mr Rogers had a healthy life style, he got stomach cancer.

  29. Somewhere in heaven, Fred is happy.

  30. Tom Hanks was the perfect actor to play Fred.

  31. What you liked as a child, and hated as a teenager, you love as an adult. It's instinctual in the child, pretentious in the teen, and profound wisdom in our last years.

  32. I wish we could watch him when he was alive. I'm African and I discovered him recently. Such a beautiful example of what a human should be.

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