We’ve gathered the 10 MOST VIEWED performances in November. This list includes some older auditions that went viral once again this month.

🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Claudia Emmanuela Santoso – “I Have Nothing”
2. แพรจ๋า – “Shy Guy + L-L-Lies”
3. Katie Kadan & Max Boyle – “Piece Of My Heart” / “When The Party’s Over”
4. Arseny Kurchanin – “Вахтерам”
5. Will Barber – “Another Brick In The Wall”
6. Kateřina Kolčavová – “Believer”
7. Ragda Khanieva – “Bird Set Free”
8. Sanish Shrestha – “Maya Sansar”
9. จิ๋ว – “ปราณี”
10. Miriam Ayaba – Amazzonia

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  1. Again and again Claudia you amazing….👍👍👍

  2. First claudia #TVOG #claudiaemmanuellasantoso #alicemerton

  3. Kapan the voice masuk global ya

  4. 10:25 as if blurring the logo on this guy's shirt makes in any way unrecognizable…..

  5. Claudia – ini have nothing (W. Houston) 👍👍👍👍👍

    ~> why in this video the comparison is claudia performance in the final round, while the others in the battle and blind audition rounds?
    ~>why not video Claudia in the blind audition rounds, which has seen more than 25 million people!

  6. The second last is more like a concert performance. 😮

  7. Claudia emmanuela santoso

  8. Eh si eneng Claudia ada lagi 😄😁

  9. claudia emmanuella santoso her hypnotizing voice…thank you best of the voice

  10. Love claudia 😗😗😗😗

  11. Claudia ist großartig Deutsch ist großartig

  12. I just LOVE Katie Kadan!!!

  13. Omg yes I love Katie Kadan and Boyle!!

  14. 12:40 Ive seen her in another compilation, and i dont know how none of them turned. Like if seen these people turn for much worse haha. I guess they thought the voice wasnt "marketable" or something like that.

  15. 14:22 how they didn't turn ?????????

  16. Lord I can't stand to watch her but love to hears her

  17. All the guys sound like girls
    All girls sound like guys

  18. The Czech Judges are so comics without talent!!!

  19. Claudia… the best….

  20. Perché l'Italia deve essere rappresentata da Maryam… non potevate mettere un talento vero come quello di Brenda? 🤔🤔🤔

    Chi è italiano e d'accordo con me metta like

  21. That's a good group of singers. Nice compilation. And come on, Czechian/Slovakian coaches, that was a good performance of "Believer"! No turns, really?

  22. Katie Kadan has one of the best voices in the world… Love her

  23. 22:52 What does she say there?

  24. That last one was really impressive.

    Also Elettra's hilarious. xD

  25. I compare these freshmen, all by the way, with Diana Ankudinova, and I'm sad that we only have one Diana Ankudinova. The difference is monstrous ….

  26. Comparo estes calouros, todos por sinal muito bons, com Diana Ankudinova e fico triste por só termos uma Diana Ankudinova. A diferença e monstruosa….

  27. Pokoke Audi no.1 lah…

  28. 14:20 no one turns seriusly?

  29. 16:51 and 22:20

  30. How can be possible that no one turns up for the girl that sang believer….

  31. Amazing voice alwasy be there in tranding Claudia..

  32. Claudya emanuela santoso 😍

  33. In the last Audition, what does she say?

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