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The family that slays together, stays together. For this list, we’re ranking the scariest, most infamous and iconic families in horror movies. Our list of creepy horror families includes the Jupiter Clan from “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977), the Tethered Wilson Family from “Us” (2019), the Sawyers from the “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise (1974-), the Voorhees Family from the “Friday the 13th” franchise (1980-), and many more! Which horror movie family most gives YOU the creeps? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Reply

    Check out our featured song: "Grimspeak" by Fayne!

  2. Karen Eastman Reply

    Do all the Tethered people in Us kill every other double?Surely a few of them want to just act as a clone and make it seem like a person's in two places at once or can do 2 different things.I have never heard of Repo the Opera.:-O:-O It's great that no families with young Children nor animals stay in that Cabin In The Woods.:-)

  3. Trace zach daniels Reply

    SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}

    us help us all always and expose evil always .

  4. igor kleaver Reply

    "Krug gang"
    Have you even watched Last House? KROOG goddamnit

  5. America Love it Or leave it Reply

    Number 7 doesn't make sense. They didn't just do this to some random innocent people but whatever watchmojo.

  6. Religious society doesn't approve of hacking and slashing undesirables. hate speeches are about the worst you'll get. Some are more open than others though about accepting change

  7. Ser Bronn of the Fookin Blackwater Reply

    Dude where is the inbred family from Wrong Turn?

  8. xx mercedes swiftie xx Reply

    #2 the Voorhees family? its just pamela in the first and later Jason. there isn't even any interaction between the two. this was a reeeeeaaach.

  9. Brandon Page Reply

    It's pronounced Kroog, not Kruhg, lmao! Other than that, awesome video! Also, who else for #1, but the Sawyers. The greatest of the Horror families!

  10. Kerra Johnson Reply

    Again. Why tf do they think we wanna see their stupid little faces? It ruins the whole thing.

  11. Alyssa Black Reply

    It’s ‘Mary’ (only it’s spelled Mari) and Phyllis is her friend, not related to her. And it’s ‘Arm-I-tah-ge ’. This dude needs to do his research and learn pronunciation from other team members who actually would say those names correctly

  12. Melinda Kinnaird Reply

    The family in Red State reminds me of the family in Frailty.

  13. You counted Jason and Pamela Vorhees, at this point you can even count Chucky's family from Child's play series

  14. Guillermo Nieves Reply

    What about the cannibalistic Angel family from the Judge Dredd movie?

  15. A Smidge of Boise Reply

    Finally, Repo! makes it into a video. It's capmy and goofy and I love it. Paul Sorvino is a stud and no one can convince me otherwise. Also, Paris Hilton was evidently very professional and helpful the whole time, giving a large amount of her own money to ensure it got completed and they got the costumes and props needed. 😀

  16. self discarded king of ruin 72 Reply

    What about the incestuous mother and son Duo from Sleepwalkers?

  17. Ashleigh Tompkins Reply

    I wasn't expecting the Largo Family to appear but I was pleasantly surprised.

  18. Meh
    Get Out had some originality to it
    The original Chainsaw? ya, ok. The remake? ummmmm….not so much.

    And the firefly clan can go suck an egg.
    I only got halfway through house of a 1000 corpses before i got bored. i'd seen it before, decades ago It was nothing but a rehash of every 70s horror flic.
    Just blood had a more realistic color
    I'm glad my friend had rented the movie not me.

  19. OK, you got #1 right so I'll forgive you for having #6 in the top 10 and not the cannibals from Wrong Turn

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