Top 10 Team Mate Collisions in F1

Vettel and Leclerc aren’t the first, and they won’t be the last, to tangle with their team mate. Take a look at these moments that had team principals everywhere covering their eyes…
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  1. Other honorable mentions
    1.Juan Pablo Montoya taking himself and Kimi Raikkonen out at the start of the USGP in 2006
    2.Mark Webber and Christian Klein crashing into each other at Interlagos 2004
    3.Max Verstappen thumping into Danny Ric in Budapest 2017
    4.Frequent clashes between the Haas drivers 😂
    5.Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher coming together in 2002 at Indianapolis

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  3. Fittipaldi's backflip was insane

  4. 1:43 quando ti chiami sebastian vettel e vuoi sparire come le ciliege in inverno😂

  5. MEIN GOTT MUSS DAS SEIN! Legendär :;D

  6. Senna should have won that championship title.

  7. Shhh, pressing 1-9 lets you jump 10% of the video at a time.

  8. La emocion tras el bolante es grande es genail

  9. And Singapore 2017?

  10. I still get disgusted every single time I see that dirt bag Alain Prost.

  11. Im just going to say it…

    Not stonks

  12. key omission: 1985 Australian Grand Prix…. Philippe Streiff-Jacques Laffite on Ligier.

    Collision on penultimate lap, when they were 2nd and 3rd. By miracle, both managed to retain their positions.

  13. Vettel is an idiot, what is it needed to kick him off Ferrari. Ferrari needs Leclerc and Verstappen, that is it. They are the real best f1 drivers not that idiot from Mercedes. Having this shitty world champions like vettel and hamil… is really a shame, they are failures with great cars, “put a monkey in their cars and tell Bottas to not attack and the monkey will be 6 or 20 times world champion”. This F1 is a joke, miss you Alonso, SCHUMI and Senna!

  14. I hate Perez so much, wtf Ocon did to him ?

  15. 2006 cars looked wicked sick good.

  16. 2019 ferrari: bring back redbull vettel
    Vettel: crashes with his teammate
    Ferrari: fck go back.

  17. I refuse to walk away from the fight that is my nature great Ayrton.

  18. Vettel pushed leclerc , vettel actually sucks right now

  19. Murray Walker sounds so much like a chicken when he gets excited.

  20. One thing must be said about two fierce rivals within the same team that battled each other intensely for two seasons and never made contact, and that was Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet in 1986 and 1987. Few people today realise the intensity of those two years, and the drama that took place behind the scenes because of Frank Williams recent accident, and being hospitalised for a good portion of 1986. Despite the intensity of the dispute, both drivers drove with the utmost integrity.

  21. The mercedes crash into each other? Ericsson's fault i suspect 😉

  22. Where is Singapore 2017, Ferrari and the Red Bull sandwich, as technically, it was Ferrari and Ferrari.

  23. F1-Hamilton & Button McLaren crash — 2011 Canadian GP.

  24. i think Ericson hit them

  25. 3:45 backflip
    And restart like nothing happen

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