Top 10 Target Black Friday 2019 Deals

One of the BIGGEST stores for Black Friday 2019 is Target Retail and I have narrowed down all the advertised deals in the Target ad to a Top 10. You will regret missing this video!
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See the Target Black Friday Deals Here:
**The above contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale. (You’re helping me buy diapers for my new baby, so thank you)
In this video The Deal Guy has found the top 10 black friday deals for target and Black Friday 2019 is a MAJOR holiday for Target so you won’t want to miss these Target Black Friday Deals. A mix of tech, target toys and all the other great 2019 black friday deals really make this year very special.
Don’t miss this Top 10 Target Black Friday 2019 video, its one of the best for the year 🙂
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  1. Me not having any money on black Friday😱😱😭

  2. I love how there’s AirPod pros in the background but here is no deal for it

  3. Heading there now!

  4. Please let me win the iPad pro

  5. How about over the ear earbuds?

  6. Signed up last black Friday. Still here.

  7. gtPLEASE??? Please, never again say, "…top of the line Intel graphics." If it is intel video its cheapo. Top of the line is Nvidia, the laptop you showed is not a good deal. Knowing that takes knowing this…

  8. Thanks for always having our backs on the deals Matt

  9. Did you cover air fryers yet?

  10. I want a cannon g7 mark Ii there are several one is just the camera one is almost 100 less with a bundle what is the deal here please help

  11. I'm looking at oral b 8000 toothbrush should I wait for black Friday or cyber Monday?

  12. Looking for a 40 to 50in 4k non smart TV

  13. Matt … Happy Thanksgiving.. take a break bud.

  14. Hi from Colorado. Happy Thanksgiving to you! God bless

  15. Kohls has some good deals and you get $15 Kohls Cash when you spent $50 on anything

  16. What about the AirPod pros

  17. Nice tie, I like the texture

  18. I cant find the 65" element tv on the site. Is target false advertising it?

  19. I can’t find the iPad deal Matt

  20. Need iPhone for taking pictures of my infant wherever I go !!!

  21. Wow hope i will the give away😍😍😍

  22. How about some SONOS deals?

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