Top 10 TALLEST Water Slides on Earth!


Music in order of appearance:
-Bay Breeze by FortyThr33
-Cacao by Tobu
-Roots by Tobu
-Cool by Tobu

Music by Tobu

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  1. NOTE: To those of you asking why Verrukt isn't on this list, it was recently torn down. A young passenger died on it three years ago and it closed forever. It is no longer a record holder since it no longer exists, and I did not mention it here out of respect for the victim. You'll still see it on past Top 10 videos by other channels, but it is gone for good, so I did not include it here.

  2. 😀🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  3. I can't sleep at night, that ''terrifying teal capsule'' is haunting me

  4. Summit plummet will give you bruises lol it’s fun but it hurts lol

  5. I went down kala and tinui body slides and there FAST

  6. Im having goosebumps just watching this.

  7. Went on daredevils peak on adventure of the seas… went right to it because I heard the lines get super long… It hurt my back because the gaps are a bit big idk about anyone else

  8. Something straight out of planet coaster, lmbo oof

  9. Cool vid and I appreciate what you said about Verruckt… I feel the same way. For respect to Caleb Schwab may he rest in peace🙏🏽🖤 also appreciated the Epilepsy warning, most youtubers don't seem to think about it 🙏🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  10. Those at Volcano bay were my first trap door slides

  11. Brazil's theme parks are very meh, but hey, we got water parks going for us, and i guess that's pretty fitting.

  12. I think this video was great, I love these theme park channels. I rode summer plummet and it was fun. I subbed and hit notifications when I started watching this channel

  13. This guy: this is the tallest trap door slide in Europe

    Water world: am I a joke to u??

  14. I wish more water slides had more pads so you don't get scratched up by the rides going down from each section.

    It makes it smoother and less painful going down.
    Also not a big thrill seeker.

  15. I rode Summit Plummit when I was twelve and I had nightmares for WEEKS!!! DEFINITELY the most terrifying experience I have EVER had in my life!!!

  16. I went on DareDevils Peak when I went on the cruise ship the Symphony Of The Seas. I had to wait an hour and a half. I'm quite small so I went really fast 😂

  17. Went to Volcano Bay for the first time a couple of weeks ago and man… that is the most amazing water park I've ever been to! The theming is absolutely insane, and every single ride is world class! Had such a great time there 🙂

  18. It wasn’t on here, but I’ve been on a completely vertical waterslide before. It was a trapdoor slide and lemme tell you, that was scary. The free fall part of the slide was clear and watching the world fall away was terrifying.

  19. I saw the colours on Daredevils Peak, and immediately said “holy shit”. Since the slide is enclosed, I’d do it. The only thing between me and big slides is my fear of flying out of them. Just gotta beat the whole “fear of the ocean” thing.

  20. 6:00 – After thoroughly enjoying Cedar Point & Six Flags Illinois as a teenager, it's depressing & 💔 seeing these clips & longing to try the slides, after a 20+ dry spell of being stuck in Michigan fighting illnesses & having 8 back surgeries. It's likely I'll never get to go anywhere again. 😢

  21. The trap door semi looping water slide at wet n wild at Gold Coast Australia called the aqua loop some times doesn’t have enough speed to clear the sort of loop

  22. He is the BEST narrator!👍☺️

  23. I would love to ride these super tall water slides one day! They all look so fun!

    Also, I recognize the water park at the beginning of this video. That's Water Wizz in Wareham, Massachusetts! It's one of my favorite water parks in New England! 🙂

  24. Honestly, Deep Water Dive is the closest to me, because I live about 7 minutes away from Kentucky Kingdom. I will do this at some point…

  25. I love the summit plummet like if you’ve been on it

  26. Gravity's a theory. Not a fact. Perhaps diamagnetism is more appropriate.

  27. Thanks for the epilepsy warning not enough YouTubers do it

  28. Not a single mention of the insane wedgie factor on some of these? Unbelievable! Seriously though, my fear of heights doesn’t hinder me so much as the memories of my feet feeling like they’re being stabbed by water and my shorts being so far up my butt, I can practically taste the mesh.

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