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Video uploaded by Chaosxsilencer

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Top 10 SWEETEST RELOADS in Cod History


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  1. Brandon Weiss Reply

    What about the long ranger single shot pistol from AW. That things reload animation looked and sounded amazing.

  2. eren jaeger Reply

    I'd wanna win the PS4 cause I'm bored and have nothing to do, so it'd be nice to get it.

  3. Cookieganer Reply

    I want to win the ps4 because all my friends have a ps4 and i want to plag with them.

    My Twitter is @Cookieganer

  4. David Boston Reply

    Yo guys I have a question y’all know how modern war fare is cross plat so does that mean that me and my brother who has a PS4 can LAN party the game with an Ethernet cable hooked to both consoles like two PS4 hooked up?

  5. Kyle Santos Reply

    I'm too poor to buy a ps4 or any game console, I've been playing Call of duty since Call of Duty 3 (ww2 theme) on the ps2, sadly my ps2 gone broked last 4 years ago. I'm just a simple guy want to play games hoping a angel flying down give me a ps4.

    Ps: Love the honeybadger reload is fvckin lit badass.

  6. Kian DIDANLOO Reply

    I want to win the PS4 because I’ve never had a games console before

  7. Zack Delgado Reply

    Jimmy please like how is the AN-94 not on this list 😰The sound …..the animation ….just goosebumps when you see it (disappointed how it’s not even a honorable mention) love ur vids tho 🤗

  8. Drxpy ADRIAX Reply

    I want to win a ps4 do to i want to play cod with my firends and want to feel the ps4 experience and play with my little brother.

  9. Retro Gaming Nerd Reply

    I want the PS4 because my brother and I are constantly wanting to play co-op on any game like black ops 4 or want to play Infinite Warfare @rtro_gamin_nerd

  10. gloshy gamer Reply

    I've been wanting a PS4 for years this would be co to get and also is It free shipping

  11. 9iv. Xarius Reply

    I want the ps4 because I want to get a playstion experience because I was stuck on xbox my whole life

  12. Dimas Abiyoso Reply

    I want the PS4 so i can play ps exclusive games

  13. Flying Stormboyz Reply

    Talks about good reloads, doesnt even show some of the full reloads

  14. Kelsey Dupuis Reply

    I would like to win the PS4 because my PS3 died and I still can't afford to buy a new ps4. My twitter handle is @rugbycook. Thank uou.

  15. I want to win the ps4 so i can finally play Spider-Man. Twitter is TwisTeDFIEND86

  16. Thomas Weir Reply

    I want the ps4 because I need an upgrade because I'm starting to play competitive COD for my college. @thomasweir065

  17. pubgisthename Reply

    I did all the step I wont the ps4 because I dont have a console non of my brothers and I will love to have it😭

  18. TTV_IFornitePhiysics sub Reply

    I want the ps4 because my dad got internet and we dont have anything to play

  19. Prabil Kaini Reply

    One of my roommates loves this new cod (he played a bit on my pc), and I would love to get him a console so he can play with us. Twiter: prablem0228

  20. N.T.F guard Reply

    The honey badger was by far my favorite gun in call of duty ghosts

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