Hey guys in today’s video i’m showing you guys the top 10 sweatiest skin combos in season 11! If you enjoy the video please like, comment and subscribe!
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Hello guys!
My name is Wraith and this is my Youtube channel. The content you will see being uploaded will mostly be tip videos on how to improve as a player in Fortnite. This includes videos such as new building techniques, how to improve at editing and aiming and many more videos such as these. Also I try and upload a video every so often that isn’t a tip video but just something that is enjoyable to watch for example the Top 10 Fortnite players. If you want to support me make sure you use Creator Code WraithFN in the item shop and I hope you guys enjoy my content! Hope too see you all in my next video!
– Wraith
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Gameplay Used:
Elite Agent:
Tilted Teknique:
8ball, Aura, Fusion:

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  1. You sadi that you think the white 8 ball skin is sweatier but you cant even get it yet. That's why you couldn't find footage for the white one.

  2. Rafael Tanka Reply

    My bro says the ghoul trooper is sweater than the soccer skin i have the ghoul troprr

  3. had skull ranger the minute it dropped wanted a purple edit style but with the reaper pickaxe ie goatef

  4. White tiger367 Reply

    I have Elite agent and all the battle pass from season to and got to tier 100. Every time

  5. Hi I love your channel all your videos are so exiting and really helpful and you have inspired me to make my own channel so thank you so much

  6. i have the elite agent + all season 3 battle pass its really nice and so much combos with it

  7. I have sparkle specialist and black knight been playing since season one but great video I liked and subbed🤘🏾

  8. East Coast Remixes Reply

    I bought the $40 skin pack back in the day lmfao (Frozen Legends)

  9. No offense, but I think that your channel will grow a lot more if you posted better gameplay and made some montages. I see that you play on console. You could definitely improve on console and then grow your channel so you can get a pc with controller on it. I will really help you grow your channel. Just suggesting it you don’t have to take it seriously. Thanks!

  10. I have the renegade raider and all the battle pass skins from when renegade raider came out so yeah I have elite agent

  11. Ridley Werla Reply

    Hey wraith btw I just broke my record of kills I had 17. Anyways the reason why was because I always was moving and looking for people and I also shot my gun in the air to attract enimes. Your video helped me out a lot

  12. TheyLoveGee x Reply

    Fish stick and red knight are also sweaty skins, i have that soccer skin and aura 🙂

  13. Last time I saw a ripple it was a hacker in playground zone wars running 20 000 hp😂 so try hard

  14. I use aura/poised playmaker with sun sprout backbling and vision axe and sometimes banner trooper or marked marauder

  15. You know it's a good video when it's made by wraith!

    Keep it up and use code: WraithFN

    Btw trying to reach 2.1K and I upload skin combo videos! 💖🔥

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