Top 10 Supervillains Whose Identity Have Never Been Revealed

Top 10 Supervillains Whose Identity Have Never Been Revealed
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  1. Who is your favourite underused super villain?

  2. Amanda you should cosplay a version of the Black Queen, or Possibly Morgan LaFey

  3. Given that Venom is the name of the substance that gives Bane his powers, it can't be a coincidence that Tom Hardy played both Bane and Marvel's Venom…

  4. Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash Villain Blood work?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Netflix shows Troll Hunters tales of Arcadia and 3 below tales of Arcadia?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Elementals, Cyclone, Hydro Man, Molten Man and Sand Man?

    How would it be if Vulcan, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Hercules, Firebird, Exodus, Ex-Nhilo, Captain Universe, Wonder Man, Molecule Man, Sentry, Mr Immortal, Captain Canuck, Starfox, Nighthawk, Tigra, White tiger, Silk, Spider Woman and Hyperion appeared in the MCU?

    Can you do top 10 facts about Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Legion of Doom possibly appearing in the DCEU?

    Can you do top 10 possible members of the Masters of evil and the Sinister Six in the MCU?

  5. Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash villain Bloodwork?

  6. Who would win between these characters on this list?

  7. Could these villains get away with anything since they can keep their identities secret?

  8. What would happen if somehow these supervillain identities were revealed?

  9. How would it be if we saw these characters on the big screen or TV Shows?

  10. Can you do top 10 facts about these characters on this list?

  11. Shake those yummy things

  12. For some reason, this is my favorite video with Amanda in it.
    The #1 spot, I totally called it. Oh, Killer Croc's and Purple Man's identities are known? Color me curious, time for me to check them out in detail now.

  13. Easily Joker for me

  14. What about x in teen titans?

  15. The thirst comments in these videos are getting out of hand. Simmer down, and control yo selves!

  16. Eduardo is the only name I ever remember for Bane. I see Antonio Diego a lot for him but if he was born in prison because of his father's crimes, I would assume they would just give him his dad's name, Edmund Dorrance. Eduardo from Edmund in a latin prison is possible

  17. 8:30 i think its gwen stacy.

  18. #8 move it football head

  19. yasss amandie!!!❤️❤️😻 you're such the queen i love you!.

  20. Kindred : * exists*
    Marvel : forgets him

  21. Amanda : a little too high
    she says at a little too high pitch

  22. when you look into the abyss… the nose looks back at you… that was how the saying goes right…

  23. Top Ten Facts About Daisy Johnson

  24. Only reason I liked the video is because of her….got daaaaaaaamn

  25. So sexy keep up the good work👏👏

  26. Amanda why you look like Black Widow aka Thiccc Red Head

  27. Amanda 😍😍💕

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