Top 10 Supervillains Scarier Than The Joker

Top 10 Supervillains Scarier Than The Joker
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Super villains are an integral part of Superhero comics the dark to the light the ying to the yang. From dc comics to marvel comics and beyond there are some powerhouses of evil out there and many of them are scarier than the Joker. Even though Batman’s arc foe the clown prince of crime may top many a scary villains list there may be characters out there who can instill more fear. Find out who they are here on Top 10 Nerd.
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  1. Which villains scare you?

  2. Superman is the scariest villain ever.

  3. Giant meat woman? I don't believe I've ever heard that string of words in any order before, let alone that one. I will call someone that and people will laugh.

  4. I didn't have a problem with X-Men: Apocalypse. It was a million times better than both X-3 and Dark Phoenix. Apocalypse killed in some messed up ways in that one and it actually brought us a Weapon X.

  5. You forgot a hell of a villain in Necron in Blackest Night

  6. Imagine if Joker got the Carnage symbiote

  7. What if Apocalypse and Thanos with all stones teamed up

  8. you should do a video of heroes/villans who have been associated with the weapon x program

  9. Doomsday is my favorite but he looks so awesome and scary, KillerCrock, Arkilo, Brainiac. For Marvel Abomomination etc frightening villians

  10. Professor pyg, dollmaker, and killer croc are pretty scary

  11. Huh so sorry for you bby

  12. Enough apocalypse defeat the hulk for once but the hulk more powerful than apocalypse

  13. Zero, answer is zero, even gods are scared of Joker.

  14. Where is the Batman who laughs!?

  15. Carnage was the 1st I thought of.

  16. Batman Who laughs: Am I a joke to you

  17. Blackheart, Doppleganger Spider-man, Eclipso.

  18. Wait no Eobard or Jim Gordons son?

  19. Kelly I like what you have done with your hair making it darker

  20. I loved her ring comment when he went crazy

  21. Victor was killed like a punk by Robin in the injustice game.

  22. you dont know about absolute carnage…

  23. Has parallax ever managed to scare Batman!?

  24. Kelly cracks me the F up

  25. In the the marvel – DC crossover the joker was disgusted by carnage.

  26. This is on point.Carnage is #1

  27. Kelly, you can try to scare me whenever you want, beautiful 😉

  28. Dang straight carnage is number 1! CARNAGE RULES!!

  29. Joker is not scary he is possible .

  30. I find Toyman scary, he kidnaps and kills children.

  31. Dr. Doom is far more scarier and credible than the Joker.

  32. 5:48, that's a no for me bro

  33. Never ever ever forget Trigon

  34. Kelly & Sacha are the queens of nerd S**t

  35. I LOVE YOU KELLY!!!! #thecatstory

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