Top 10 Superheroes Who Were Given Their Powers

Top 10 Superheroes Who Were Given Their Powers
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Superhero origins are an exciting realm to explore. How heroes get their super powers is always an integral part of their characters. Marvel comics heroes dc comics heroes indie comics heroes how they are made shapes who they are. So what happens when a superhero is given their powers? Find out here on Top 10 Nerd.

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  1. Dr Fate, Moon Knight, the TV Isis…

  2. Am I the only one who watched for Izuku?🤔

  3. All Might should have been on this list too.

  4. My only gripe about the Shazam story is it more or less encourages 10-year-olds to follow a shady person into a secluded spot for some reward. Did the shady guy come driving an old ice cream truck too? Meh, decades of real-world observations made me cynical to the bone.

  5. MCU Iron Man received the schematic for the material that he used for his super arc reactor from his dad. Does this count as being given powers?

  6. I only got one problem here!!! Well it’s only since I’m at chapter 251 in the My Hero Academia manga, but is Izu actually born quirkless?!?!? looks at a certain doctor while protecting a certain red winged birdboi

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  8. Tech Jacket – Zack was just an average teenager walking home from school when he sees what he thinks is a meteor crash nearby. When he goes to investigate he finds a crashed Alien space ship with one of the occupants crawling out. He goes to help the alien when the alien realizes his ship is about to explode and tries to save Zack by transfering his Tech Jacket to him. After the explosion Zack wakes up and finds that he has alien armor bonded to his body. He has super strength, flight and many weapons at his disposal.

  9. So I’m guessing getting powers by accident is gonna be next. I’ll tell ya, if it weren’t for you guys I would half as many of these lil FYIs as I do now. I quit collecting back when Doc Ock took over Pete’s body. I’m waiting to see if anyone got powers from an allergic reaction. 😋

  10. top ten heroes who were gifted their powers then hooked up with villains who stole their powers

  11. I watch anime and read manga too in a very short time

  12. Wolverine wasnt given any powers. Its long since been retconed that he had bone claws and the adimantium just made him more deadly.

  13. Boku no Hero! Oru Maito!

  14. Sasha! Manga? Anime? Do you know what happens if you read too much of that stuff? I don't know either… but I've been reading it since I visited Japan as a 4th grader in the 60's, and I haven't read/watched too much yet, but I continue to work at it. (After Japan I also had to live, and go to school, in a mystical place called Toronto, but it's okay, eh, me mum was Canadian.)
    As always thank you so very much, all, for your video.

    (I especially liked the way DC first introduced the Shazam character as "Captain Thunder" in Superman #276 in '74.)

  15. You can’t miss a great opportunity.

  16. You have crossed into anime territory …so here I am

  17. Shazam is the best. Powers from Two Gods (Zeus and Mercury) a Titan (Atlas), a Demigod (Hercules) and two altered humans (Solomon and Achilles).

  18. Would Ghost Rider count?

  19. Even though he got his powers by accident I'd have put Peter Parker on this list- maybe in a Part Two?

  20. Top 10 Nerd—Please stop ignoring the people giving you suggestions in the comments section. A lot are worth a video. So please dedicate one or two video's a week to their suggestions. I'm sure it's not too much to ask for now is it.

  21. Please make one video on Top 10 Mutants with a Secondary Mutation.

  22. Please make one video on Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies of all time.

  23. Ban front the Seven Deadly Sins

  24. Oh so Jason Todd didn't make the List. He was given the ALL-BLADES which are magic swords that represent what passes for his soul.

  25. I'm surprised power rangers were not in this list

  26. "Young man, you too can become a HERO!"

  27. 7:10 Technically every lantern from every corps.

  28. How about next time Including Carol Danvers…both in her original heroic incarnation as Ms. Marvell, then later as Binary.

  29. What about Lady Thor, Jane foster?

  30. Do more videos about My Hero Academia. It's a good superhero manga/anime.

  31. My hero academia fan sees deku clicks five times

  32. Batman was given the greatest power of all…money.

  33. Does Ben 10 count since Asmuth gave him the omnitrix?

  34. 5:19, That suit looks awesome

  35. I know this is a whole weird thing, but I would like to see a set of videos regarding Dumb Ways Heroes Have Lost Their Powers, Interesting Ways Heroes Have Lost Their Powers, and Clever Ways Heroes Have Lost Their Powers. And yes, I'm aware that with some of those there might be a bit of overlap.

  36. Are you pregnant again?????

  37. I wonder how good nerds are in bed

  38. Top Ten Facts About Daisy Johnson

  39. Time for the weebs and the comic nerds to unite

  40. They added Shazam and put them as number one. Video has my like! 😀 #cameforShazam

  41. I'm going to down vote if this list doesn't include Shazam!

  42. Since you included a Japanese anime, how about certain Japanese superheroes like those chosen to become hosts for Ultras in the Ultraman Franchise. Or how about most of the Heisei Era Kamen Riders & all of the Showei Era Riders! With the Heisei Riders, Zi-O, Build, Ex-Aid, Ghost, Drive, Gaim, Fourze, OOO, Double, etc. were given their powers namely after gaining their Rider Belts. With Ex-Aid, it was also the result of being infected with a virus, which the monsters he fights are born from.

  43. She's beautiful as heck. I'm taking about the host of the video

  44. Sasha, your superpower⚡ is being CUTE!! And my thanks to your parents for giving them to you 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️

  45. Every hero was given their powers

    By the writers

  46. Man how could you include deku but leave out all might

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