Top 10 Superheroes Who Hooked Up With Demons

Top 10 Superheroes Who Hooked Up With Demons
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Superheroes have some intriguing romances be it with fellow capes or even villains. However, there are other contenders. From Marvel, to DC comics and beyond some heroes are hooking up with demons. Who has fallen for a creature from the nether world, Buffy, deadpool, Zatanna, Rogue. Find out has locked lips with Mephisto here on Top 10 Nerd.
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  1. Which demon would you hook up with?

  2. Your adlibs are *EVERYTHING!!!* <3

  3. I think this is the most fun I've ever seen Kelly have.

  4. Please, Kelly, do yourself and us all a favor and stop singing.

  5. Why did you crop Deadpool's face ontp Deadpool's face!

  6. This video was awesome you had me laughing!! 😂🤣

  7. Woah. Wait!!!! I thought that Constantine was bisexual?

  8. Id hook up with kelly and have demon sex 😈👍

  9. Hooking up in the MCU world or real can be complicated good video. However we all need to unwind after a hard day or year

  10. So…..Hulk CAN'T smash????

  11. Woah….I need a shower

  12. When I first saw this notification I was like Top Ten Nerd WTF ARE YOU SMOKING 🤯😱💀😤😬😳🤮🤔 👋🏾🤣

  13. when did they think of the idea to make a video about top 10 people that are got together with demons and comics that's the weirdest idea for a video how did you come up with that

  14. "HULK SMASH!!"

    That's not what she said…

  15. Azazel isn't a demon. He's part of a mutant spin off that looks like demons

  16. Az a zill? Man what in the blue hell is going on up in here lol it’s pronounced Az zaz zel lmao

  17. I am amazed you don't mention Raven.

  18. Well, there seems to be far more demon sex going on in the hero community than I would have thought. I still remember being bothered by Shathra trying to mess with Spider-Man’s marriage to MJ by publicly claiming to be his “side chick” Did not see that plot twist coming. Then One More Day happened, and $#€¥ One More Day. 😏😒😞

  19. What about heroes who hooked up with Angels or Gods or entities like Eternity?

  20. LoL 😂 definitely wouldn’t have googled this ….

  21. Best video ever!!! But then again I'm twisted.

  22. You forgot to add Raven and Starfire. 😂 😂 lol

  23. I'm literally amazed that the Wizard Shazam didn't make this list.
    Perhaps he'll be on a Part 2 version of this list…🤔?

  24. Waiting for the Part 2 now, featuring Nightcrawler

  25. Kelly is that your cat Bucky on your hat?

  26. Just watching you keep ahold of yourself without laughing Amazing, then we see the bloopers Nice job.

  27. If you hooked up with Kelly, you'd be one lucky devil….

  28. Do a list of the top 10 supervillains who can create illusions.

  29. Constantine……you is nasty my dude…..

  30. Well I'm calling Doomslayer to get rid all of the female demon, ASAP!!!

  31. OH SHIIIT,…A Demon

  32. Buffy AND Deadpool? My day's complete!!!😀😀😀

  33. Raven and Kid Flash should be on here

  34. Its good that u recognized buffy cause literally almost every relationship with is with a demon even willow.

  35. Kelly is funny as hell. I hope she does a part two

  36. Tigra and Balkatar, the Cat Demon Sorcerer.

  37. Actually that was a pretty fun and interesting video . Top 10 super hero kink.

  38. Ok, but could we get Kelly, Sasha and Amanda all doing a list together? That would be ICONIC.

  39. Hentai fans your welcome? I guess

  40. I’m sorry did you actually photoshop Deadpool’s face on top of deadpool

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