Top 10 Superheroes Who Hook Up The Most

Top 10 Superheroes Who Hook Up The Most
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Superheroes are known for their heroic exploits but sometimes they also end up hooking up be it with other heroes, super villains or just ordinary civilians. Across Marvel comics and dc comics some characters just move from one partner to another. Batman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Nightwing and more. Find out who hooks up the most here on Top 10 Nerd.

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  1. I realize you left the cosmic dude off here because he manipulates people which can be seen as the big R word but I mean he does win the list…. pretty sure

    Also I'm pretty sure hulk should have been st the top of this list. Because on planet hulk he had nearly all the females on the planet.

    Also if your gonna let ivy who forced Bruce with her powers. Then my aforementioned comsic needs to be number 1.

  2. No Luke Cage??? Should be Number 1

  3. Wolverine can't NEVER BE GAY…🤬🤢🤬🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. you had to make the hulk pun didn't you

  5. Much like real life celebrities, super heroes bang each other because no one else could possibly understand the unusual life that they live.

  6. Don't forget that Hulk smashed Loki

  7. (cries in Kryptonian)

  8. You forgot Gamora hocked up with Toni. Although, she really found him lacking once the deed was done.

  9. I can definitely see what's under her hoodie… & I'd rub dirties till she can't take it anymore

  10. Namor should be on the list.

  11. Please stop trying to make every comic book character gay.

  12. She Hulk and Hulk as well as Robin and Harley Quinn were assault. It's insinuated at least in Old Man Logan that Bruce raped Jennifer who normally wouldn't have consensual sex with her cousin.

  13. Wonder Woman gets around as well she just keeps it on the DL.

  14. Purple man is rightfully viewed as one of the vilest and most disgusting villains in all of comics but Poison Ivy gets a pass , even anti-hero status. Just a crazy bit of a double standard.

  15. You forgot to mention star fire.

  16. Bet you these characters weren’t bi sexual until like 2013

  17. Daredevil & Huntress(Helena Bertinelli) have been known to get around a lot.

  18. Hulk: only my cousin can take on my pounding.
    Black Widow: 😭😭😭 it's true.
    Juggernaut and Hercules: yup high five.
    Zarda Shelton: was I a joke to you Hulk!!?

  19. Cyclops smashed a clone of Jean, Emma, and kissed psylocke, he didn't make the cut tho

  20. Hulk beating Loki in movie now talk to me about hulk smash

  21. Hulk smash yo mom 😆🤣😂😭😆😄😀

  22. Deadpool has hooked up with more than just humans and demons you forgot aliens, mutants and Inhumans… I'm remembering a series where he marries a humanoid space hippo who had the hots for and four armed cyclops

  23. Despite the fact hes shown consistency with Lois, Superman gets around. Theres Lois Lane, Louisa Layne, Lana Lang,Lisa Lasalle, Lena Luthor, Lashina, Lori Lemaris, Lyla Lerrol,Laurie Lemmon, Loana, Linda Danvers Diana Prince, Big Barda, Saturn Girl, Helen of Troy (yes, that Helen), Maxima, Barbara, and Terri Chung

  24. Tony "Man Whore" Stark

  25. Ms marvel and Spidey? As if.

  26. You said that you WOULDN"T INCLUDE SEXUAL ASSUALT, Harley Raped Nightwing. Sounds like Sexual Assault to me.

  27. “We will not he including times heroes were sexually assaulted” includes the time Nightwing was tied up and raped by Harley Quinn and the time batman was date raped by talia al ghul

  28. These lists make me wonder, do people screw this much in real life? If so, I need to get out more.

  29. Tony as number 1?
    Not surprised

  30. You are too fine and you've been writing this the whole time too? Milo 4805471063

  31. I'd give up everything just to laid with Mary Jean, Black Cat & Jea

  32. Wtf is Thor at in all this?

  33. Imaginary people getting laid more than me- remastered

  34. So they made some of the characters bi to suit sjw's

  35. You get a thumbs-up for the Hulk smash line.

  36. So harley quinn is a super hero ????
    Or a super villain

  37. I surprised they don't get HIV

  38. In Heart of The Monster Hulk gives Umar a pounding and he keeps up with her. Then destroys her dimension by battling his ex wife lol

  39. Daredevil should be #1…by a good margin. Murdock crushes it.

  40. This is not hooking up, this is that European, Jew and Arab preying on societies they have impoverished and the women in those societies, it is the mentality of white sexual predators.

  41. Titania , and Absorbing man are the longest running couple , oh wait , and Reed Richards with the Invisible woman. Oh I get it your talking about hook ups not actual long term relationships.

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