Top 10 Superheroes Who Hate Each Other – Part 4

Top 10 Superheroes Who Hate Each Other – Part 4
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Superheroes don’t always get along despite both being on the side of good. From marvel to dc these some superheroes just can’t get along. Why do Robins Tim Drake and Damien Wayne buttheads. What happened between Rogue and Captain Marvel find out with out video the Top 10 Superheroes Who Hate Each Other – Part 4.

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  1. Who needs to just get along?

  2. We need a god of war movie in 2020 vin diesel

  3. Brought back the tight jeans, nooiice.

  4. Assbat was a good hero

  5. Where is Sasha? Don't tell me you guys actually replaced her with this basic chick for eye candy. Sasha's wit > this chick's mid drift and cleavage.

  6. Jessie and James team rocket blasting off at the speed of light Meowth that right

  7. Black panther and namor?

  8. Iron Man and winter soldier

  9. Iron Man and Captain America

  10. I love the team rocket crop! Looks super cute 😀

  11. 212 comment the hate is REAL on this list but the love for Amanda is STRONG a part 5 is in the midst? Thumbs up

  12. She-hulk has never hated Captain Marvel. She-hulk never blamed Carol, she blamed hawkeye.

  13. You guys keep forgetting Captain America vs. Iron-Man. The stars and leaders of Civil War 1.

  14. Is that a team rocket shirt that the person is wearing ?

  15. Omg. I love that team Rocket outfit.

  16. SHE-HULK versus …herself …if that happened, &…considering she dosen't remember a .."one-nighter", with the JUGGERNAUGHT…

  17. I thought Captain America was considered the villain of Civil War 1, since Iron-Man was just trying to keep peace between super hero and ordinary people, while Captain America just wouldn't cooperate and make things worst.

  18. Wait a minute isn't Clint black widows cousin

  19. 3:18 Mmh, Zantanna my girl.

  20. 10:25 why does black widow look like Sarah Conner?


  22. jeez. waste of a rocket shirt…

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