Top 10 Superheroes Who Became Gods – Part 2

Top 10 Superheroes Who Became Gods – Part 2
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When superheroes are granted powers beyond even their wildest dreams no one knows for sure what will happen. Will they use the power good or ill? Will they be corrupted by it? Are they forced to wield it to take on an even greater foe? These are some of the questions we will explore on this list. Check out Top 10 Superheroes Who Became Gods – Part 2.
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  1. 68,000 years is long for a human but nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Is that Bayonetta on your shirt?

  3. Were is World Breaker Hulk he could destroy planets with the shock waves from his punches if that's not god like i don't know what is!

  4. Kyle Rayner? He was Ion, Omega and White Lantern.

  5. You're my favorite Goddess! And yeah, there's something else!

  6. Monica Rambeau has basicly been god mode ever since she first debuted

  7. women cannot be god only man because god is a man not woman

  8. I would to see Miles Morales or Gwen Stacy as Captain Universe or maybe bring back Ben Reilly & make him Captain Universe

  9. I believe Cap became a god in Endgame, idk

  10. Justice League Odyssey

  11. Where's Sasha?!!!!!!!

  12. Why arent you showing theme as gods , for all I know yall making this up

  13. Negasonic Teenage Warhead has good like powers

  14. Goku and Vegeta Duh..

  15. You and Sasha should do some type of red head list together. You two are my favorites at top nerd and I think you two would play well off each while making a list

    Keeping true to what I said I will keep commenting this until it happens, I shall not be ignored muhahaha

  16. God damn did you butcher pronouncing the world serpents name lol

  17. Amanda's thigh gap🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️damn it

  18. top ten god-heroes who hooked up with other god-heroes

  19. I absolutely agree on your response about cosplaying! Some of the coolest cosplays I've seen were on women who were a bit "too horizontal" to play the characters on film, but had great ingenuity in how they represented the character. The winner at the Rose City Comic Con 2014 costume contest was a "retired" Wonder Woman in her 70s. I did not let my excessive gut (or bald head) keep me from cosplaying Richard Castle or The Shadow this past September — and in fact I managed to give some excitement to some fellow RCCC attendees. And I'm still working on Captain Klutz, Doctor Mid-Nite, the Golden Age Sandman, and several others. As much as I'm a proponent of matching one's own body type (especially for what I call "special needs cosplay," inspired by my near-blind left eye — good for Nick Fury, Rooster Cogburn, or Two-Face), I'm also a proponent of adaptive cosplay, as may one day be seen in my cross-gender Wonder Woman outfit.

    PS: I saw where you found and Liked my #spidersona, The Violet Web, on Facebook! Thanks! I can now hope that he'll be featured in a future Spidersona list! :big grin:

  20. Why did you show a picture of SUPERBOY PRIME when talking about superman prime? Also did we get deadpool the god?

  21. So were gonna act like we dont see that cameltoe ♥️

  22. High Evolution is one he is sort of marvels version of Dr Manhattin or Metron, there's quite a lot of of demi godlike beings who were mere mortal as they originally were at the beginning of time they abilities emproved or changed and sometime a name change also with a quite a number of different looks. Adam Warlock/Him and lot more? One other that I think we tend to forget is Magneto his powers are always changing or he has had other abilities on top his own or something that is nearly godlike one is mental powers similar his old friend Prof X? He also has limited access to the Cosmic radiation field around the earth at times?

  23. Storm with her hammer and again when she was queen of Wakanda (their belief in her boosted her to god-mode)

  24. The flash became a god

  25. Thor is a god

  26. what about a saiyan god level

  27. How would it be if Magus was the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy if he was split up from Adam Warlock? How would it be Baron Mordo unleashed Nightmare on Doctor Strange in his sequel movie? Could the main villain of the Black Panther sequel be either Nightshade or Namor? How do you think that Mjolnir is going to come back in Thor 4: Love and Thunder for Jane Foster to wield, Is Eitri going to make another one? How would it be if Beta Ray Bill wielded Thunderstrike in the MCU since Thor has Stormbreaker? How would it be if Spider-Man stayed as Night Monkey in the third movie till he takes care of Jameson and Mysterio's cohorts in order to clear his name? Is Morgan Stark going to become Iron Girl in the MCU? How would it be if she was an Ally and tech support for the young Avengers? How do you think black widow is going to stop Taskmaster who can copy your moves even with the help of Hawkeye and Yelena Belova? Who do you think should be Nova in the MCU between Richard Rider and Sam Alexander, How would it be if Zorr was the main villain of the Nova movie? How would it be if Quicksilver came back to the MCU since the X-Men Franchise is over so there can be one Quicksilver now? How would it be if Dracula appeared in the MCU alongside Blade? Is Blade going to be a team player with the other MCU heroes? How would it be if we saw one of the Eternals appear in the present time in the MCU and are their powers genetic which can be passed from Parent to child? How would it be if we saw Tony Stark from another dimension come to the main Marvel Universe wearing the God Killer Armor in the MCU? How do you think Shang-Chi is going to be portrayed in the MCU? How will be fight against the Mandarin with just his martial arts skills since he has the power of the Ten Cosmic Rings which makes him as powerful as Thanos, Are both of them going to be Makluans disguised as humans? How would it be if Shang-Chi had magical Nunchucks in the MCU?

  28. Can you do top 10 facts about Mallus and Neron from DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Red daughter Supergirl from season 4 of Supergirl?

  29. Can you do top 10 facts about Pariah, Harbinger, Ryan Choi, Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover?

  30. Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash villain Bloodwork?

  31. Who would win between these characters on this list?

  32. How do you think Jane Foster Thor will lift Mjolnir since it was destroyed by hella and in Endgame, Captain America returned Mjolnir back to past Thor?

  33. Can you do top 10 facts about DC New Gods? How would it be if we saw them in the DCEU or in the Arrowverse?

  34. What is the Eternals movie going to be about since that movie have God like beings?

  35. Are we going to see these characters become Gods on the big screen or TV shows?

  36. How would it be if we saw these characters on the big screen or TV shows?

  37. Can you do top 10 facts about these characters on this list?

  38. I know they're anime characters but Goku and Vegeta are both technically gods now.

  39. Love your shirt Amanda, it got me thinking you would do an awesome Witchblade cosplay although not sure how you would feel about the skimpiness of the outfit.

  40. Top Ten Facts About Daisy Johnson

  41. Top Ten Facts About Daisy Johnson

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