Top 10 Superheroes Superman Has Hooked Up With
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Aside from being the epitome of the stereotypical superhero, Superman has long been associated as being an ubermensch of sorts; a version of masculinity that should be strived for. While that’s questionable at best by today’s standards, Superman still manages to have a whole lot of appeal. Even though Lois Lane is arguably his OTP, the character has knocked boots with a few other super powered individuals over the years who can’t deny his handsome charms. This is the top 10 superheroes superman has hooked up with.
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  1. Wayne Miller Reply

    It just makes you wonder about the writers of these types of comics State of mind do they write about incest because they're secretly screwing their family and are desperately trying to let everyone know was subtle hints do they always mention rate because they have a rape fantasy and want to rape someone ?

  2. Wayne Miller Reply

    I'm sorry but gay people have no rights to this world or any kind of story or comic?!!! SMH in the Bible it tells you if you were gay you were going to hell at least we won't have to worry about gay people in heaven God bless their souls

  3. Wayne Miller Reply

    There's only one thing you need to know to be fully prepared for this & that is there is no rape on Apocalypse

  4. Wayne Miller Reply

    No the only reason Ultraman is with his cousin is because she's the only one on the planet that can withstand his thrusts without exploding and have you ever went without sex after you experienced it hell no we have two people sanity every woman he ever screwed ended up in pieces when they have sex they literally shift tectonic plates

  5. Wayne Miller Reply

    Superman porno it would probably be like the dragon Ball z porno I saw one time where he went super Saiyan during sex

  6. the best pairing should be with his fellow kryptonian, supergirl, they are actually responsible for continuing their race (besides incest is a human concept/ invention and in medieval europe it is perfectly normal for 1st cousin couples)

  7. Kelly, this is your finest work yet. You had me cracking up throughout this entire absurd list. Thanks for that!

  8. Ahh… this macho/alpha male complex that some fans misunderstood about Superman. The alpha need a harem of women, that's not who Superman is, that's…Batman! 😝
    The guy is THE Superman not just because of his powers but his moral too. To quote Mr. Mxyzptlk "Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois.. even in fractured quantum space-time, you managed to find each other " His heart is Lois. It's not believable if he chose another.

  9. ThePapermage Reply

    Wow. The Silver Age writers were just pulling things out of their asses, huh? Right out their asses.

  10. David C Dun Reply

    Funny background for Superwoman, considering that Superwoman with the mask is a decendent of Jimmy Olsen and her name is Kristin Wells.
    Her powers are future tech based and they are flight, teleportation, empathy, precognition, and telekinesis.

  11. Mizuki Genshou Reply

    Darkseid sitting in living rooms being all cozy is always the best~

  12. trex advent Reply

    Which Actor do you think should replace Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU?

  13. trex advent Reply

    Which one of these characters do you think Superman should hook up with these characters on the Big Screen?

  14. trex advent Reply

    How would it be if we saw these characters in the DCEU or in the Arrowverse?

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