Top 10 Superhero Weaknesses Villains Never Use
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Every superhero has some weakness. We’re talking both specifics and general weaknesses that could easily ail heroes. Sometimes the weaknesses are quite obvious yet the villains fail to see them. It could range from low confidence for heroes like Captain Britain, Gladiator and Zatanna to sensitive senses for heroes such as Daredevil, Spiderman etc. But also it’s worth noting that there may have been instances in which villains have zeroed in on these weaknesses and took advantage of them once or twice. But our focus for these numbers is more so on why these weaknesses aren’t constantly exploited, since some of them seem really obvious. So today we’re counting down the Top 10 Superhero Weaknesses Villains Never Use.
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  1. Wesley Bismillah Black Reply

    regarding wardrobe malfunctions, one could totally double wedgie supermans' buns of steel. speaking of, you guys should do top 10 worst costume design and least functional costume countdown.

  2. I remember an issue of Spider-Man where Electro suddenly realized that Spidey's wall-crawling talent is just a variation of static electricity — and Electro controls electricity. He managed to take advantage of this only in that issue. And he never tried this ever again.

  3. Rev CleverBeast Reply

    Mmhm, 2 examples …sorry nothing beats Edna Modes examples

  4. Flash use to be super vulnerable to chemical drugging due to his hyper-metabolism. It was a good weakness for such a powerful hero.

  5. John Thomas Reply

    I love how chill she is lol she's freaking awesome i love her lol

  6. Dave Culver Reply

    The gun laws in America is great. And makes us great. Canada you just enjoy your goverment taking your daily life.

  7. BUDDY BUDDY101 Reply

    I thought I was creative about NO CAPES, then I went to the comments and felt sad

  8. You are showing live action, but talk of comics. So live action, they talk about vision impairment and I have to say, arrowverse talked about this. Flash told arrow to use a mask and Ollie said, that would impair my vision and I need it.

  9. Nicholas Kozer Reply

    Spider-Man actually can run pretty fast, though Quicksilver speed is ranked in the top 10.

  10. The cape as a dangerous wardrobe accessory is also referenced in the first Incredibles movie, at several different points

  11. Cooper Hamlin Reply

    Villain weakness makes it hard for them to shoot Batman and other heroes in the face their need to monologue

  12. Joanna Forbes Reply

    I feel capes really should be used in publicity and modeling, not in actual combat. Though Batman has a purpose to his.

  13. One thing that villians don't take advantage of that is super obvious, is just punching the dude heroes right in the balls. I don't care who you are, that'll put you on the ground 😂👌

  14. Farmer_Blade Reply

    No Capes, as is stated in The Incredibles. Where they get caught in plane turbines and such.

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