Top 10 Superhero Teams Better Than The Avengers
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While the Avengers may have been the first ones to do it big, it does not mean that they are the best. There are many more powerful superhero teams like the Eternals, Legion of Superheroes, birds of prey etc. What makes a superhero team the best? Many things. How powerful they are, how successful they are. Sometimes how efficient they can be. But beyond all that, the most important thing that a superhero team needs to get most people’s attention is epic stories. We’re going to be taking a look at some teams whose stories are just that, epic–in fact more epic than the Avengers–as we countdown the Top 10 Superhero Teams Better Than The Avengers.
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  1. kimihito the great Reply

    what's fantastic, other than the fantastic four, is the outfit that Amanda got on. Tres chic.

  2. Hammer2Dead Reply

    I would agrue that Dark Justice League was better than the Avengers as well.

  3. Amaryllis AlbinoVega Reply

    What if they paired the Avengers with the X-Men? How would that team up go?

  4. Steven White Reply

    You forgot Excalibur, the new Fantastic 4 that was for a short period Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man and Ghost Rider pretty nasty huh?

  5. If by better, you mean different then yes they are better then the avengers?

  6. Jeffrey Ottesen Reply

    Defenders should be on top. Beat the Avengers in the comics. Come on, Dr. Strange, the Hulk, Namor and the Silver Surfer? She never even mentioned Valk who was in more Defenders books than the originals!

  7. Uhm…. Alpha Flight! One of Marvel's most underrated teams needs to get a HBO-level TV Show.

  8. Sahin Barut Reply

    And No Superheroes Team isn't powerful As Avengers Because Vision Scarlet Witch Black Panther Iron Man the Hulk Thor And Winter Soldier Are Powerful as the teams

  9. Sahin Barut Reply

    I Think No Superheroes Teams isn't better as the avengers but maybe x-Force is scariest as The Avengers

  10. Shurod Daniels Reply

    Hey let's just make another list pandering to Marvel and DC. G-Force from Battle of the Planets. Blood Syndicate from Milestone comics. Hell, even the Silverhawks or the Bionic 6!!! And Justice League Unlimited was far better than anything Avengers ever put out as far as animation is concerned.

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