Top 10 Superhero Supervillain Couples You Didn’t Know Existed

Top 10 Superhero Supervillain Couples You Didn’t Know Existed
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Superheroes may be sworn to the side of good but sometimes they find love on the side of bad with their villains…supervillains. These are the Top 10 Superhero Supervillain Couples You Didn’t Know Existed.

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  1. Check Out Part 2 –

  2. Batman is the Captain Kirk of the DC universe.

  3. Is Damian son of jason ??😅

  4. May favorite vallian jugernaut nice but he chance for good and joint the xmen and part his team

  5. Mystyke and logan yes yay

  6. Shehulk yay meow cuddle her mine

  7. Yay meow yay anime love these ship loves

  8. Daredevil and Typhoid mary.

  9. Wolverine and Mystique I need more more you hear me lol

  10. I liked that trial of the Juggernaut story.See Juggy fight rhino.

  11. Mystic and wolverine sounds like an interesting story to watch going into the past it's amazing how comics can time travel etc endless of stories man .

  12. Reference #2: Wolverine and Mystique. Check out the Marvel Character Raze and Earth-58163.

  13. Great list! super villains and superheroes need to get a little relaxation.

  14. What about Bane and Talia. He smashed when he was the Ra's bodyguard.

  15. For all the reasons in the video I want to see more of Logan cough cough James and Mystique in comics. Unpopular opinion I know. But what I have seen of them together they have chemistry and an interesting dynamic.

  16. Lets face it Wolverine is a Playa because he dated half of the Marvel Women.

  17. Doom might be evil but he did do something good he once saved the world.

  18. What about the intimate polyamory relationship with Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey/Phoenix?


    The close relationship with Solomon Grundy and Hawkgirl? This relationship was on Justice League and Justice League unlimited.


    The relationship between Firestorm and Killer Frost.

  19. Donald and Ivanka. Oh wait, both villains. What kind of man has sex with his daughter? That is super messed up.

  20. Dr Doom is a pimp Sue Storm and Witch 😏

  21. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver…

  22. Wolvie will happily take those Cycloppy seconds though!

  23. Wow, Wolverine….not a surprise. You should do one on his hook ups.

  24. I like the complicated relationship Doom has with the Fantastic 4.

  25. Ra's Al Ghul and Black Canary from Birds of Prey #31–35 should be on this list

  26. Number three does not count because everybody knows that supergirl died during crisis on infinite Earth

  27. I love the wolverine Mystique thing

  28. DC needs to bring back Batman x Nocturna!

  29. ummm Jason Todd was underage

  30. Batman is a player lol live up bro

  31. Logan and storm 🤔 I think

  32. What was that about Supergirl and her horse?!?!

  33. Wolverines and Mystique

  34. Would really enjoy to see more mystique wolverine

  35. Well, like Nightwing said, "Like you never made out with a supervillain before."

  36. Isn't Doom Wanda's father?

  37. I mean in House of M, Wolverine and Mystique were together, and Wanda gave everyone what they wanted, so either Logan or Raven or both wanted them to be together. Just saying.

  38. I feel like logan an Mystique shouldn't been on the list. In all honesty that was thrown in to everything. The animations, the movies thats enough for anyone to pick up on

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