Top 10 Superhero Halloween Costumes You Won’t Believe
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Halloween is right around the corner so it’s time to dress up as one of your favourite superheroes. However, not all costumes are created equal some are amazing and others should never be born again. From Jared Leto Joker onesies to fully carved latex hulks we have it all here on Top 10 Nerd with our list of the Top 10 Superhero Halloween Costumes You Won’t Believe.

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  1. Evan Wagner Reply

    I just realized Amanda kinda looks like batwoman out of costume

  2. Advise for everyone who want's to wear one of the spandex costumes: wear a jockstrap under your costume, protects you from impact and awkward situations

  3. The chubby thor costumes gender which the costume was made to is female so……. ”thor is a female”!

  4. Red hulk might be joining the mcu soon. Do you want to see red hulk on the big screen?

  5. TheSlytherinQueen Reply

    You're soo pretty and would make a perfect Ruby Roundhouse <3 pic or vid when it's complete

  6. David Grebe Reply

    Definitely liking the vibes. She looks absolutely adorable in the outfit

  7. My favorite is still the Amanda Cyclops Cosplay. For myself the Spider-Man 2099 is dope. 👍

  8. Javier Barrales Reply

    You know which costume I prefer: I would choose the original X-Men uniform from the New Mutants, the Raven costume from Teen Titans (2003), and the Ms. Marvel Basic Black outfit. That could be for me a dream come true.

  9. That cyclops costume doesn't have anywhere NEAR enough pouches, also yours looks way better.

  10. I really like this post keeping it comics but for the Halloween season… I wonder if there were "slutty versions" of characters that came up… eg slutty cop, slutty nurse, etc… what costume(s) will you wear when the day comes? Amanda is awesom

  11. Curtis Ball Reply

    I don't do cosplay at all…but I would for only ONE costume: Cyclops militant RED X mask costume. They HAVE to bring that one back…maybe with less stripes on the body….but def. with that mask.

  12. Broken Bridge Reply

    I really can't afford any of these costumes. I'd be lucky if this Halloween is a decent holiday for me. And it's a shame because I love Halloween.

  13. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Mutants with a Secondary Mutation.

  14. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Superhero's from DC's Earth-32.

  15. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies of all time.

  16. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Characters with Animal Abilities.

  17. Broken Bridge Reply

    Amanda McKnight—-Although I love your looks in video's and your video's. I wish you would mention one of my comments sometimes. Just once.

  18. Broken Bridge Reply

    I would love to see a Manga-verse video. And Amanda should host it.

  19. Bob Greenwade Reply

    Aha! You've given me a couple more cosplay stores to bookmark!

    And you totally should do that Top 10 Mangaverse Alternates list, Amanda — and read this comment afterward! mischievous giggle

  20. All I need for the chubby Thor is a wig; I can grow and color my beard and get the rest from a local thrift store.

  21. Kingdom Come Superman Reply

    I would like to dress as either Calvin Ellis (Superman), Miles Morales or get that eBay Cyclops before you get it!

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