Top 10 Superhero Couples You Won’t Believe Exist – Part 3

Top 10 Superhero Couples You Won’t Believe Exist – Part 3
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Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome back for those couples that are blowing your mind.The hookups you didn’t know about. We have more couples! Did you think I’d run out? Well we’ve only just begun. This is the Top 10 Superhero Couples You Won’t Believe Exist – Part 3

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  1. Check Out Part 4

  2. After Saving the world, you need to get a little more stress relief than a drink and a hot tub…. great video, looking great Sasha

  3. all of superman's girlfriends have had two l's in their name, you left out Lori Lamris

  4. "She saw, she liked, she waited 'till appropriate, she conquered" hahahahaha

  5. Psylocke and Bishop. He once casually mentioned that in his future, they were married. For reals. He was all "Hey, leave my wife alone!", everyone else was like "WHAAAAAT?" (including Betsy herself), and after the battle he was like "Sorry about that. But it's true."

  6. I kinda like the Spider-Man and Rogue relationship Marvel had going on(note that I haven't seen much of the source material.)

  7. You have skipped Aquaman/Wonder Woman

  8. Sashawoods is my super hero babe😍

  9. I love how Sasha just throws shots at hank pym at 1:47

  10. I like how this woman dilivers contraversal points.
    She doesnt complain about them, she explains them and says leave a comment.

  11. Can you guys please do more info before slandering Hank Pym? There was a lot going on that no one ever talks about. They just say he slapped Janet, so he is abusive. That just isn't the case. I am sick of seeing the lack of information curbing the masses to believe something that isn't true. The writers even said that the artist drew the whole scene incorrectly. Reed Richard's beats Sue, but no one talks about that…

  12. Sasha, you look beautiful

  13. So I can marry my cousin since it's legal on krypton. Yessss!

  14. 2:40 S W E E T H O M E K R Y P T O N

  15. Oh least we forget Peter Rasputin/Colose uses /Calisto pairing. It was one of the Siege Para less story archs, where they lived in Soho Pitor was going by Pete and Calisto was going by Cali. Calisto still teases him about it from time to time

  16. She saw, she liked, she waited till it was appropriate, she conquered.


  17. Don’t forget Wolverine and BlackCat

  18. Hawkeye's my favorite super hero; and I love Spider-woman, so I totally shipped them.

  19. She's REALLY hot. That is all.

  20. Is their a top ten betrayal??? If not please Sasha can you post it. Who doesn't like a betrayl.

  21. The Was should be with the Pendragon aka Dane Whitman the Black Knight and Spiderwoman belongs with the Shroud and Hawkeye belongs with Mockingbird and the Shroud is Spiderwomans baby daddy.

  22. Were there no LBGTQ couples available?

  23. What about Spider-Man and Mockingbird?

  24. Damien Wayne and raven SHOCKER THAT THAT WAS NOT ON THE LIST

  25. Spider-Man punched MJ in the face once

  26. Ric Grason will become Nightwing soon, he is in his Nightwing suit in Doomsday Clock.

  27. superman should really marry supergirl, they have a responsibility to continue their species, like the case of adam & eve or noah & his family (and incest for cousins is a relatively recent human concept)

  28. Plz, start posting the link for the other parts in the comments or description.

  29. Top 10 couples that we wished that stayed together

  30. Superman and Supergirl: Alabama 100

  31. Have you mentioned Wolverine and Elektra? They were married in the M2 universe and had a daughter, Wild Thing.

  32. Dang…I ship Spiderwoman and Hawkeye hard. 😥

  33. I'd like to think that the Marvel/DC crossovers are middle fingers to the fanwar.

  34. Zatana and etrigan have yet to pop up it seems.

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