Top 10 Stand Up Moments in Games

Join in as the fellas list their Top 10 favorite stand-up moments in games!
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  1. I LOVE victory laps around the table


  3. Was that the first time Tom mentioned Project Elite since the Top 100?

  4. You guys cheer me up 🙂

  5. Zee was on fire in this Top 10, I laughed so hard the entire list.
    Also, the "bucket list achieved" was hilarious!

  6. I think the reason why Battlestar Galactica generates so many 'stand up moments' in my experience is, because the game mechanism of having a Cylon power executed once while revealing yourself actually encourages Cylon players to pick 'the' most impactful moment possible for the present board state. Basically it's non non-luck-based stand up moment where the other players sometimes go: "I should have seen this coming!" and other times did see it coming, but couldn't prevent it … and sometimes it's an utter surprise. Having such a pivotal moment hit you in a game of this length just is something special. (Other stand up moments can happen in BSG, but those reveals are usually the ones that really are most memorable.)

  7. Anyone know th track name of INTRO MUSIC?!

  8. 38:52 – Sam – "Look at my nerdiness as I pick a Star Wars game…"
    40:41 – Zee – "Hold my beer…"

  9. My biggest stand up moments always occur with Blue Moon. You have a great power that your opponent can't win and , suddenly, a mutant a shield or a stupid discard all your support cards appears. I love that moments

  10. I dont get this list. A 'stand up moment' in games is when people are standing up in anticipation of something. Most of this list is about standing up in triumph.

  11. @Sam Healy Did you know your last name is an adjective?

  12. Escape: The Curse of the Temple

  13. First time playing Horrified we were so close to defeat, but we pulled out the victory on a lucky die roll. We all jumped up and cheered.

  14. Top ten clutch wins, and top 10 lost with the finish line in sight, would be interesting imo.

  15. I am really surprised that Tom didn't pick Cosmic Encounter. That was on my personal list. I did however correctly predict him having Pitchcars . Another game on my list that didn't make any of yours was Magic: the Gathering. When you topdeck the only card that can possibly save you!

  16. Tom's dice roll at number ten equaled 10. 1,2,2,5…

  17. Thought Zee would have at least one solo game on his list … 😉

  18. In the first game I played of Space Base, someone won with the I win card. No likey.

  19. Note: Implement a Duck, Duck, Goose mechanic into a board game.

  20. Coming Soon! Top Ten Top Ten Lists!

  21. please make a top 10 list of games in which you have to stand up physicaly 😀



    As I remembered, you stood up Sam.

  23. 9:18 The funniest Dice Tower moment ever! We’ve had some stand up moments in Thanos Rising where if we made one wrong roll with the Infinity Stone die, we would lose, and we ended up pulling off a win!

  24. When Tom said "Sam Healey's greatest hits list" I knew what the last top10 featuring Sam needs to be: top10 games most often included in the Dice tower top 10 lists.

    Sure someone will have that sorted out in excel and it wouldn't be as surprising, but it would be a nice homage to the guys' many years of lists together.

    A 10 for 10 game based on this would work, too, as long as there are no ties.

  25. Zee as wookie.. rapper? 😀 Gungan traitor voice 😀

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