Top 10 SNL Sketches That Are Weird AF

The weirdest SNL sketches make us wonder what exactly goes on in the writers’ room. We’ll be looking at sketches with inexplicable and outlandish concepts, many of which were met with awkward silence, polite laughter, and/or a hostile online reaction. SNL sure has produced some real headscratchers. WatchMojo ranks the weirdest SNL sketches. What do you think is the weirdest SNL sketch? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Shouldn’t Kissing Family be on here

  2. Okay, I'm old, but I think Bass-o-Matic is hilarious! I laughed my ass off when it first aired, and it hasn't lost any zaniness since then. But I totally agree with your #1 pick. That one always left me scratching my head.

  3. Whats Up With That is the greatest thing ever. Ever… Like Soul Train meets Salvador Dali.

  4. And Lorne Michaels approved of all these? 🤨

  5. Rebecca looks as good as she sounds.   😉

  6. Bodega bathroom is weird but so funny.

  7. – Never been a Weezers fan. Only song of theirs I'm familiar with is Beverly Hills & Pork & Beans.
    – Better being buff (even excessively) than being fat.
    – That's what you call a "deer in the headlights".

  8. In the Julianna Margulies/DMX episode from 2000, there was a bizarre sketch called Regurgitating Family. But that potato chip sketch was honestly one of the worst sketches I have ever seen in my life.

  9. Space ship with the capt. Chicken is odd but funny.

  10. James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub should been on this list. It was one weird sketch about James Brown trying to get into a hot tub for 5 minutes for no reason, but Eddie Murphy really nailed the impression as James Brown but it's one of the best ones with Murphy in it.

  11. Weezer did peak at Pinkerton.

  12. To me, a hostile online reaction = greatness!!! … if the internet hates it … I love it

  13. I don’t think this list knows what it wants to be. A lot of these are hilarious.

  14. Ah…. so that's what the voice looks like. I am so used to just hearing her voice, I need to process the whole thing!

  15. I like the Weezer skit…and space pants…

  16. the weezer sketch was really funny

  17. Spelling Bee with Will Forte should be on here

  18. I loved most of these sketches when they first came on TV, and I look for them regularly 😂

  19. There’s nothing better on modern watchmojo than the cringe-worthy bits with the voice over actor.

  20. Any sketch with Christopher Walken is great simply because of Christopher Walken and his delivery. My husband just started fishing too, so there a damn lot of bass jokes going on around here as well. Humor will get me through this.

  21. "What;s up with that" might be weird AF, but man Sudekis can really dance!

  22. What the hell is Weezer? Never heard of them.

  23. Raccoon Christmas wish!

  24. I love how when you try and watch the video all the way through without interruption YouTube has to add 3 commercials.

  25. David S Pumpkins has been my new all time fav sketch. The 1st time I seen SNL do this bit I didn’t get it and that’s a true sign of something great about to happen. It’s Oct and I can’t wait for another feature movie or at the least I’ll watch the re run. The movie goes on trying to give a backstory but purposely fails at it and makes the entire David S Pumpkins a success and know we a Halloween character that beats all others.

  26. Most of these sketches are masterpieces I'm starting to think you're the one who's weird af

  27. Show me anything walkin did that isn't good

  28. The Weezer sketch was a Harvard joke.

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