Top 10 Signs Movies Are Getting Worse

The golden age of cinema … this is not. For this list, we’re looking at signs that the mainstream film industry is becoming stale and working against itself. How many remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and cinematic universes do we need? Why are trailers so full of spoilers? And why was there an “Emoji Movie” (2017) at all?! Do YOU think movies are getting worse? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Did you really mean to say the endings to inception and alita are bad? Because they’re great endings

  2. After the Renaissance that was the 60s and 70s, everything kinda slid down hill into entropy, by 2002, now I think they just crank out dumb movies , dumb TV and stupid music , as a kind of control system cause if you have a generation , aclimatized to crap, without a clue of what , real art or creativity is, then they will accept any old thing as entertainment

  3. #1 SJW bullshit everywhere.

  4. This is the time when movies in general suck. Creativity is being destroyed.

  5. Hollywood has taken the Show out of Show Business and now it’s just Business Business. Hollywood makes most of their profit from Chinese distribution. And China wants movies and characters they recognize. Hence, Superheroes and sequels. China is not interested in movies like “Ladybird.”

  6. The left ruins everything. SJW crap creeping into everything is causing pure cinematic garbage.

  7. Comic book films suck

  8. #1…characters that are white in all other media..are transformed to minorities..and if you dont support that change….the people responsible for the you intolerant..racist..homophobic…
    2: Making a movie/show where the actress and studio head proclaim its not for white people…or men….and then when said movie bombs..they blame..white people (cw batwoman)

  9. Hollywood is liberal politically correct trash nowadays.

  10. i loved battleship actually!! very entertaining! dont take it so serious enjoyed them for what they are!

  11. It’s because Hollywood is insanely left and they’re afraid to make anything that isn’t woke

  12. did you just call Days of Future Past bad? It's like one of the best of the xmen movies.

  13. Far too many remakes which are inferior to the originals and far, far too many franchises. They are sucking the lifeblood and the finance out of creative cinema.

  14. Finally someone speaks out the truth! I stopped going to the cinema a while ago because I don't want to support trash.

  15. Long time ago, i went at least 2 times a week to a theatre but today maybe 2 times in 6 months….yesterday, i was lucky…i saw "the Joker"…

  16. I've been saying it the whole time. Hollywood is Dying. Since the rise of MCU and all these popular intellectual properties turning into film materials. Hollywood don't know how to start all over again. I'm not saying MCU films are bad i'm just saying their trend is a bit poisonous for other films. Well, it gives other film companies to step up their game or be eliminated completely.

  17. Remastering Childhood Classics

    Cough Lion king

  18. I take it the dislikes are from Hollywood

  19. Battleship was good, don't care what you say Mojo!

  20. bruh the new Hellboy was lit what are u saying

  21. The Golden age is over, man we have fallen really far.

  22. No. 1 : Too much Gender BS! One woman beating up 12 Marines. Everyone is Gay, Lesbian, "Bi", "Trans" ….

  23. Hollywood execs: Welp, we tried.

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