If you have some time to kill, these are all shows you can watch in one day. We’re looking at TV shows short enough or perfectly suited to be binge-watched in a single day. Time for the ultimate binge watch! WatchMojo ranks the shows you can watch in one day. Are there any other shows you can watch in a single sitting? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Read All The Books Reply

    The Haunting of Hill House is the best bingable series. I really thought it would be number one!

  2. Rand Miller Reply

    This should have been one of those Top 20 lists… there are SO many.
    American Vandal >>>>>
    where the hell is The Society (netflix)??
    Undone on Amazon
    Good Omens on Amazon
    HOMECOMING on Amazon (seriously…. SERIOUSLY)
    YOU on Netflix
    Sherlock on Netflix/BBC
    The Bodyguard on Netflix
    Killing Eve
    Big Little Lies SHOULD have been on the list not an honorable mention

    There are just so many.

  3. Derek Wadas Reply

    Mindhunter is pretty much binge-watchable for one day (as long as you don’t take any breaks).

  4. Bheem Agnihotri Reply

    Chernobyl at #2 is so right…i binged this series in one sitting… It was so true to events, horrifying scenes of humans facing the nuclear fallout… Most importantly it's good the series is paced

  5. cookies4present Reply

    The Politician (netflix)
    I started it on a Friday and thought I could make it last a week, it was so good I finished it before saturday morning.

  6. Marissa Bones Reply

    Damn I haven't even watched most of these shows on this list.

  7. My favorites from this list:
    – The OA
    – Chernobyl
    – Love, Death & Robots

    Not related but the new Paul Rudd Netflix series was really good & easy to watch

  8. First time I guessed what no 1 is & I was right. I really wanted it to be firefly I let out a squeak of excitement when it was cause i love love love that show.

  9. Aggretsuko is another one. The episodes are only 15 minutes long, and there are about 10 episodes in each of the two season on NetFlix plus a Christmas special. So really, you can watch the entire show in less than 6 hours.

  10. jazzy fizzal Reply

    I love fleabag….i just finished watching that show a couple months ago.

  11. Jeremy Kimble Reply

    It’s not the best but I binged the Scream Tv series. It’s a solid horror tv show the characters are likable enough and and the third season is only 6 episodes so you could finish it in an afternoon.

  12. drwhoswifeforever Reply

    1 show (that I binge-watched in an afternoon) that isn't mentioned on this list: GOOD OMENS

  13. Vernon Bishop Reply

    If I want to be angry binge watching anything, I will just binge watch Fox News…

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