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These films take us to the world of tomorrow… today! For this list, we’re looking at 21st century science fiction films that will become future classics, including “Inception” (2010), “Her” (2013), “Ex Machina” (2015), “Arrival” (2016), “The Martian” (2015), and more! What do YOU think is the best modern sci-fi movie? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Reply

    The 45th Saturn Awards are streaming live on WatchMojo at 9pm EST(6pm PST)! Click here to find the stream and set a reminder:

  2. Space Defender Reply

    watch mojo
    makes a sci fi top 10 list as to suggest people to watch

    also watch mojo
    spoiler alert!

  3. Payback Vendetta Reply

    Just remember that modern movies are social justice warrior driven and made to subvert the minds of people. That's why they are not as good as the classics.

  4. Tirth Vaishnav Reply

    Arrival is the perfect choice for number 1! It's my all-time favourite movie, not just sci-fi. As for Interstellar, it doesn't hold up so well in subsequent viewings.

  5. I think you should say "SPOILER ALERT" before spoiling some movies for us. (Ex Machina)

  6. James Newton Reply

    Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 2049
    Upstream Colour
    Source Code
    Ghost In The Shell(Anime Movie)
    These Movies are also worth looking into

  7. Sci-fi
    Star wars ,marvel movies ,DC are NOT sci-fi
    The first part of the Acer num sci-fi stands for science the second part stands for fiction
    Marvel is a comic fantasy adaptation or CFA
    Star wars is ( yes there are spaceships and lasers) a fantasy movie set in the past so a fantasy movie not sci-fi
    DC is the same as marvel, transformers.
    Sci- fiction is set in either a alternative present white advance tech or a possible future of mankind emp on mankind there is no fantasy element ( jedi superheroes or dwarfs in sci fi ) does movies that feature one of all of these things AR not sci-fi but fantasy/action films

  8. The Renegade Reply

    not a good list. elysium interstellar matrix avatar E.T wall-E blade runner. all missing. and arrival number 1 lol really ?????????arrival?????;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  9. Tek Bluesome Reply

    glad to see Ad Astra did not get a mention worst sci fi of 2019!

  10. Jace Pawlak Reply

    Number 1?! Wow… I REALLY missed the point of it then.

  11. Annihilation is a criminally overlooked and underappreciated gem of a film.

  12. Inception should definitely of been #1 i still think about that movie all the fuckn time

  13. movieman82us Reply

    I'm very happy that Arrival is #1. It ALMOST makes up for Minority Report and Interstellar (both masterpieces) and Blade Runner 2049's exclusion. Almost.

  14. Akshit Jain Reply

    1. Inception
    2. Interstellar
    3. Arrival
    4. Gravity
    5. Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind
    6. The Martian
    (From movies that I have seen)

  15. Blade Runner 2049 is a fantastic movie. Hopefully people will find it like they found the original. Interstellar should be on this list as well.

  16. Oneal Malki Reply

    you forgot to mention interstellar which is already a classic,. I think you need to edit your video just to mention it,. also I don't know about mad max fury road

  17. Amiya Ranjan Das Reply

    This is the best Sci fi movie list I've ever seen.
    I've seen all the movies mentioned in the video, and trust me all of them are true gems

  18. David of Yorkshire Reply

    Predicting future classics is like predicting the weather with tealeaves. A classic becomes such because people cling to it, most films that become classics are unexpected and niche in genre.

    Avengers will never be a classic, it's to heavily promoted and will be forgotten in a decade, like most marvel big budget films. Classics come out if nowhere often and are often contrary to their initial releases.

  19. Noah Mirlach Reply

    Non of these will become a classic. Mojo really hasn't got a clue of film.

  20. Tom Leonard Reply

    I loved most all of these, but I would put Martian as number one.

  21. Micah-David Saunders Reply

    This video gets a super like for including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Children of Men, and Arrival. These are all in my top 10 sci-fi movies, and honestly in my top 20 movies of any genre. I could literally write paragraphs about why I consider these movies to be such high points in cinema, but it's best if you just watch them.

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