Top 10 Scenes That Should’ve Been In Harry Potter Movies

What’s the only thing that beats the “Harry Potter” movies? The “Harry Potter” books! And these are the classic moments from the page which scandalously didn’t make it into the films! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the best “Harry Potter” moments that unbelievably weren’t included in the movie adaptations… Honestly, it’s a crime against the Wizarding World that these moments were missed out!

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  1. Honourable mention – Padfoot and Crookshanks.

  2. Kreachers story arc is one of my favorites and I am depressed it’s left out every time I reread deathly hallows

  3. Irony is that so many scenes were left out due to “time constraints” but true fans would gladly watch a 5 hour movie.

  4. If number one isn't Harry repairing his wand before destroying the Elder Wand, I'm burning this place to the ground.

  5. It's been so long since I've seen the movies that I forgot everything they missed out

  6. Who makes their male child Ashley. Poor kid…

  7. It's a crime that the story of Percy Weasley is not depicted in the movies. His return in the battle of Hogwarts is such a big and emotional moment.

  8. I know they can’t keep everything in but I was bothered that they cut Winkie out, that they changed Harry and Ginny’s kiss and stuff. One I really wish they’d have kept in was when Harry had his meeting with McGonagall about what career he’d like to pursue and Umbridge was sitting in to observe. The conversation between McGonagall and Umbridge was honestly one of my favourite parts of that book. I was super glad they kept Mrs Weasley’s line ‘Not my daughter, you bitch!’ Though. That was hilarious and Julie Walters delivered it perfectly

  9. watchmojouk is way beter than normal mojo

  10. The candy wrapper was heartbreaking, but not as much as when he put it in his pocket to keep it.

  11. Why are you using the us dates also

  12. Harry winning the quidditch cup in book 3 should have been in the movie. It's the only time he does it himself as seeker in all 7 books!

  13. Peeves was meant to be in the Philosophers Stone Rick Myall was even cast and filmed his scenes but they were cut out.

  14. You seriously didn't even mention the scene where the Weasley twins turn the corridor outside the Great Hall into a swamp. Instead they changed it into some stupid fireworks. Unimpressed

  15. The movies would go for hours if they included everything

  16. What about the Sphinx in the last taks of the Triwizard Tournament?

  17. Why nobody talks about lilys letter or mollys boggart or lunas best quote ever "we are all fighting" when harry couldnt cast the patronus charm

  18. Didn't see in the comments, but all of the Department of Mysteries scene in OotF, seeing Ron being nabbed by a brain, Hermione almost getting killed by a muted Death Eater, and that Death Eater who stuck his head into that time thing that i don't remember the name and had his head reversing to a baby's head and back again

    it's my favorite part of all books

  19. I always wanted that they included the "deathday" party for almost-headless Nick in the first movie

  20. I also miss Ron’s “are you a witch or not?” to Hermione in the philosopher’s stone

  21. Wasn't their history teacher a dead guy who kept teaching after passing?

  22. I remember watching Prisoner of Azkaban and anticipating the scene where Harry and co would find out who Mooney, Wormtail, Padfood, and Prongs actually were… Aaand it never came.

  23. How did someone not mention the quidditch world cup? I was soooo hyped for that and was incredibly pissed when they completely skipped over it

  24. S.P.E.W. was the one thing in the books I DIDN'T miss in the movies. It made Hermione seem even more whiny.

  25. How about the entire maze part? I was so disappointed that they left out basicaly everything.

  26. What about the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire?!?!?,!

  27. These lists always reference Ariana Dumbledore? Where is it?

  28. they do not trade spells when they face off in the great hall..they trade once and voldemort dies.

  29. What about voldermort applying for the Defence against the dark arts teacher?

  30. the graveyard scene in book 4 was more graphic, longer, and intense than in the movie we did'nt see the full baby form of Voldemort and his explanation of what happened to him..

  31. The pensieve showing crucially the trial of Barty crouch and the lestranges and what they did to the Longbottoms in book 4. Also the St Mungos hospital where Neville visits his parents and his Mum afflicted with a dementia esqu condition gives Neville a chewing gum wrapper.

  32. the first task 4 Dragons Ron gives the accounts to HArry but it would've been best to see it on film including the whole world cup match including the veela and leprechauns fighting. and bewitching the Ref.
    Also the sphinx in the third task and the blast ended skrewts.

  33. The department of mysteries battle in its various rooms we only saw 2 in the movie. The time room, the space room, the brain room.

  34. Also I wanted to see Umbridge vs Mcgonagall verbal sparr in careers advice. Even Mcgonagall saying she wasnt a competent teacher. and offering her a cough drop to shut up her ''hem hem''.

  35. I wanted in book 5 to see Hagrid fighting Umbridge and the aurors who sneak on him at midnight and Fang fighting alongside him during the astronomy OWL and Mcgonagall coming out to stop the fight.

  36. I wanted to see the centaur and the sneak chapter in book 5 as it was a REALYY tense moment the disovery of Dumbledores army revealled in horror by Dobby. MArrietta edgecombes ''SNEAK'' pustules and Kingsley modifying her memory at the crucial moment causing Umbridge to mahandle her to Dumbledores fury and then it culminates in Dumbledore taking the fall for the group and fighting Fudge, Umbridge, and Dawlish and Kingsley single -handed
    and Mcgonagall tries to join in the fight but Dumbledore stops her And the crowning glory is Phineas Nigellus saying ''you know Minister I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts but you can't deny Dumbledores got style''.

  37. Rik mayall was set to play Peeves in the mvoie but ended up on the cutting room floor because he kept making all the kids on set laugh.
    He said later the films were crap without him.

  38. The whole series is wank

  39. Top 3 scenes that should've been in Harry Potter Movie:
    3rd: They actually portrayed Ron like in the books, knowledgeable and brave while Hermione can't think when under pressure
    2nd: Hermione is not a boring Mary Sue
    1st: Ron is not sacrificed for dumb feminist ideology

  40. To be sweet and short about it… If it had been possible they should have include EVERYTHING from the books!

    But perhaps that will be possible when they come to make a series out of the books. I'm so looking foreward to that!

    Although… If they dare to include stupid things from 'The Cursed Play', I don't want to see it!

  41. i'm still mad that snape didn't call lily a mudblood in the movies

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