Top 10 Scary Underwater Discoveries
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What is going on in the ocean. Its deep, dark and wet and there’s a whole bunch of weird stuff in there that freaks people out. You got sharks, you got colossal squids, you got pollution. There might be some smoking hot mermaids down there ready to risk it all just to know what its like to be with a land boy but you would probably drown before you got to second base. With all the mysteries that are going on in the deep blue sea, it’s no wonder that I’m bringing you today’s list of top 10 Scary Underwater Discoveries.

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  1. MostAmazingTop10 Reply

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  2. If yanaguni was found in Europe they will say it was artificial.

  3. la coca nostra Reply

    Drown before getting to second base with a mermaid? Challenge accepted

  4. Underwater circles are made by a male fish to attract female fish.

  5. Melissa Prather Reply

    The giant eyeball happened to belong to what is called a swordfish. Also as for the drawing thing on the bottom of the ocean that is a fish that does that. Scientist have proven that they found that out about a year ago. It's amazing thing it does it to attract its mate and it makes those lovely underwater designs. Just food for thought so that you guys kind of get your facts straight

  6. aqua spider 2nd channel Reply

    Wow the classic megalodon shark is on number 2

    But he extinct so I'm happy and sad at the same time

  7. Andrea Hopper Reply

    Number 3, the underwater circles, are made by a fish. Here is the link.

  8. Christian Porter Reply

    Great job on the list dude, and good job with the explanations, majority of people tend to just be irritating but this one wasn't at all.

  9. KirukatoSenpaiOffiical Reply

    Hey Che. As Landon would say it Is this real life right now?

  10. christina113704 Reply

    Too late. I haven't wanted to go in the ocean for a long time

  11. Spider Blaze200754 Reply

    Yay somebody dissed where I loved Florida please don't do it again some of us aren't like that

  12. Aditya janardhanam Reply

    Do u really know enough science? U r saying u r doing science stuff, but also proposing devils and demons. Protozoans are a type of organisms, like amoeba. If u don't know amoeba, u r not doing a good job in this type of videos

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