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  1. Aquos The Bad Gamer Reply

    is greek wtf???? why would they steal the sculls from the catacombs???

  2. raileht doe Reply

    ….first 35 seconds of the video I barely understood what this guy was saying and only realized he said his name when it appeared onscreen. Yep, I’m out. 😬

    Also, thank you hipster in a beanie for ending my binge. That Hasan lady was keeping me hostage for like half a day.

  3. I work as a security officer in an airport.
    Now, I haven't found any tigers, birds, snakes or bomb vests but I have seen people trying to carry hunting knives, kitchen knife sets, various tools, home made pistols, pistols, drugs, rotten fruits (not our concern btw. It's the concern of arriving airports) and lots of dildos. We deal with all sorts of people and let me be clear. Wrapping your liquids over 100mL does not make your liquids invisible. In fact that makes things much more visible. So just don't bring them. Some people wrap things in carbon paper or foils, thinking the x-ray won't go through thus we cannot see. The truth is, if we don't see the content on the screens, we get more suspicious and we will open your bags.
    Many passengers try various methods to weave through the security but nice try, we've heard all the excuses. About 90% of the excuses are exactly the same. "I've took this hunting knife through many countries why don't you guys allow this through?".
    I sometimes wonder if I really need to explain all these.

  4. 3:47 The plural of fish is not fishes the proper way to say the plural of fish is fish. Learn ur grammar kid!!!

  5. PUBG NATION Reply

    am i the only one who always hear he say "I'm landon DO NOT SING" or i'm probably just tripping

  6. Christina Valle Reply

    Not everyone cares about Christmas maybe some people get depressed with holidays


    ive heard of people smuggleing drugs, that are packed into baloons or packages, which are then shoved inside their rectums or vaginas!!!

  8. Bopalopee MM Reply

    Poor little snake why did he Get sold to that horrible idiot human.

  9. Brandon Barnett Reply

    I heard Sir Mix A Lot got detained for bringing a anaconda on a plane.

  10. Chandana Jayasinghe Reply

    Top 10 best survival movies in the world

  11. Angela Rose Ryman Reply

    The stun gun is something a lot of girls have in case of self defense in a scary situation

  12. Jeremy Brown Reply

    How about top 10 Krampus Urban Legends? By the way, love your videos.

  13. Here's Chica Reply

    People wonder why they never see us chickens or any of us from Freddy Fazbears Pizza
    place go to any Airports!!

  14. MystiqueHorizon Reply

    Airport security took my shoes to take samples in the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida. They set off some sort of alarm.. must've stepped in something weird in the Everglades.. lol

  15. Marcelino Dreams Reply

    I’m so tired of the is this real life cause that meme is old man old!!!!

  16. Phoenix Prime Reply

    Please make a video about top 10 worst Christmas day accidents/disasters!

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