Top 10 Scary Things Caught On Doorbell Cameras
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We are lucky that we live in a day where we can install our very own security cameras around our home. On this list, we will be talking about the scariest footage ever caught on camera, specifically Ring Doorbell Cameras. Make sure to lock up your doors as we take a look at these true scary stories with the Top 10 Scary Things Caught On Doorbell Cameras.
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  1. Look at Me sempie Reply

    I don’t like her she’s not a good scary story teller

  2. Brian Wisse Reply

    Number 5 was someone dressed as Sam from Trick 'r Treat.
    Number 2 is staged, scream is a soundfile.

  3. #3 sounded like she said "mom" then "please…please help me please…Miss Kay…"

  4. CraftingFenix I Got A New Tablet Reply

    8:07 the lady said "please help me please, this cake"

  5. Burger king bic mac Run me over a garbage truck Reply

    What type of off brand rebecca is this?

  6. Queen Glamour Reply

    I love that hoodie. Even tho it looks like a narcotics anonymous logo

  7. Brittany Perry Reply

    At 8:03 it almost sounds like she is saying please help me please. Easier to hear with headphones.

  8. damn, scary indeed, I am glad that woman was able to save her neighbors from their burning house.

  9. Jordan Drayer Reply

    The doll masked girl kinda seemed fake, cause the singing was there while the scream happened…

  10. Masked person with halloween lollipop is dressed as Sam from Trick 'r Treat… One of the best underrated Halloween flicks. Still wouldn't open the door lol

  11. Opaque Night Reply

    I’m 5’1 and answer with a 75 bulldog/shepherd mix that only responds to German 😈😈

  12. Porscheuron - Reply

    New change is different but positive encouragement pass it on.

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