Top 10 Scary Thanksgiving Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Thanksgiving Urban Legends
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Thanksgiving, it’s the time of year where we give thanks and be grateful for the things we have. It’s a holiday celebrated in the US and Canada. Is thanksgiving all it’s cracked up to be though? Or is there something more sinister at play? Here is the Top 10 Scary Thanksgiving Urban Legends.

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  1. What is your favourite holiday?

  2. Ok random creepy poem,
    The clown is sad because you passed by
    The clown is sad because you cry
    The clown is sad because you didn't buy
    The clown is sad because there is a bunny in the sky.
    My brain told me this after I saw a crying clown sign. I don't know why i thought this.

  3. Selling people should never be a joke; not classy Che. 😒

  4. Black Friday is also in South Africa

  5. So thats how they made homealone

  6. No amount of money is equal to a person's life because once that person is gone there is no replacing them because every human being is different even twins tho look the same have different personalities

  7. Slaves were sold on black Friday… They left that out🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. These are not scary…. just facts

  9. Im english (Britain)

  10. Most canned foods are actually about 2% bug 98% food

  11. I didn’t have turkey this year thank god

  12. Actually I would care greatly if I was eating halal turkeys bc it's how they kill the turkeys jackass

  13. 因為你開啟了廣告攔截工具,你需要等30秒才能進入遊戲

  14. One thing that I'm really thankful for is that for the first quote unquote Thanksgiving that they had a turkey instead of like a dog or I don't know some other type of animal… That concept was brought up to me about 15 maybe 20 years ago buy a buddy of mine… Let me know what y'all think…

  15. I have two one dogs the others one name Twilight the Other My shih tzu name Drake

  16. Black Friday isn’t an American holiday, it’s celebrated by the whole world unlike your excuse to eat two turkeys

  17. I think the wishbone boy made his wish come true… I think he mudered them. They should investigate that a little more.

  18. My favorite dessert, pumpkin pie has been ruined for me now…. 🤢🤮

  19. 7:23 Barney assassination

  20. They have a maggot ice cream in south africa

  21. Halal foods are just when they about to take the animal life the prey, or something like that, just that! nothing more, you can eat like non-halal foods, kinda funny when i know there are people who just do that when they know they ate halal foods, hahaha

  22. yo, Che, could you please read up on other religions and food? when it comes to Halal meat, it is actually different and isn't healthy. what makes it halal: the method the animal is slaughtered. in any other slaughterhouses, animal is killed with eletrical shock or heavy hit to the skull, killing the animal instantly or close to (if by the hit). halal on the other handis making incisions on animal's blood vessels and waiting for it to bleed to death. means animal is taking a considerably longer time to die. during that time animal is producing ridiculous amount of adrenaline, which is not cleared out of the system, since animal dies. go read up on how "healthy" that is.

    make sure you KNOW what you're talking about before you show up on videos telling other people about it.
    educate yourself

  23. Why did they where selling halal turkeys secretly they should sell halal food in open wide and it will be big seller chad kosher is 99.99% different then halal

  24. Love you guys so much . I love bing watching you guys. How do I post my fur babies? I have a lot of them lol. Happy Turkey day!!!!!!!🦃🦃🦃

  25. Oh, I know that first story. Did you know they made it into a movie? Though it was tweaked by a month. It's called "home alone"

  26. He looks like Bob Ross

  27. Wishbone kid did the thanos snap!

  28. No Thanksgiving is when we give thanks to our creator Jehovah the lord Jesus christ of Nazareth and the Holy ghost for everything we are thankful for

  29. U look sexier with the beard

  30. cooper and bella they are beagles

  31. Does anyone know what the names of all the music used in MostAmazigTop10 are?


  33. Wow! I didn’t know Home Alone was based on a true story! 😂

  34. Wow. I didn’t know Home Alone was based on a true story! 😂

  35. Wow. I didn’t know Home Alone was based on a true story! 😂

  36. Isn’t halal ( probably not spelling that right) just blessed meat. So wouldn’t it just be better for someone because it’s blessed?

  37. Here is an article that says non-muslims must not eat halal meat. I don't know how true it is

  38. I can see how people can have an issue with eating Hallal (not sure if I spelt that right) not for any cultural or religious reasons but the method to kill the animals is much more brutal and forces them to suffer and maybe I could understand that for those reasons, although tbh I’m not sure that’s more with lambs and cows not sure if methods to killing turkeys differ much apart from the prayers maybe 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. My favorite part about Che being on the show is his honesty and pet shout outs

  40. Halal turkeys are just killed In a certain way to make sure the the animal feels less pain,people who have a problem with that are just straight up stupid

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