Top 10 Scary Stories From The Deep Sea

Top 10 Scary Stories From The Deep Sea

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The ocean and deep sea is the least explored area than any other part of the world. More than 95% of the ocean is unexplored. So it really makes you wonder, what is lurking at the bottom of the deep sea? It’s a dangerous world down there, with murky water, low light, required safety stops, narcosis, and so many other things. Today’s video is theTop 10 Scary Stories From The Deep.

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  1. I don't reall like the ocean i have a phobia from it, who else?

  2. Give it to me Sarah

  3. Let’s give her a chance guys!!! JESUS!!! Go Abby…..!!! She’s kinda cute

  4. I know why the dolls were there. they were possessed and the people wanted to get rid of them without getting hurt.

  5. Okay lowkey though, Abbey is really funny. I look forward to her being in more videos

  6. Not sure if the chair ad is funny, ironic and cute
    or just plain dumb.

    The same goes for the whole video.

  7. Hey Abbey, frankly: I still miss Rebecca, BUT you are doing great. Keep it up.

  8. Only one problem, all these PizzND stories are from NoSleep, a fiction subreddit.

  9. Hi Abby! Nice to meet you! Welcome to Most Amazing, and I hope you have fun hosting. 🙂

  10. You really love that chair lol

  11. Yes, I miss Rebecca, too, but I am liking Abby 🙂 Welcome!!

  12. Mmmmmji
    oil ok o7yvov86yv97v7&7v6i7yvvi7highlight I have to be at home and in bed with the same as a nice day for me and the same time I 7

  13. "give it to me Sarah" -Abby 2019

  14. She’s annoying af 😂😂😂😂

  15. A shark touches me hits me and bruises my ribs and is massive and idk what type of shark and if it’s bigger than a great white nope I quit

  16. also…..was this done in one take???? She pronounces everything completely phonetically . So many mispronunciations

  17. It's like A version of Rebecca without the accent and she just had an allergic reaction to shellfish.

  18. You're doing great Abbey! Welcome to amazing top ten!

  19. The 💯 mill PewDiePie seat is better

  20. The guy in the intro is an SCP 😱😱😱😱

  21. The new chick kinda looks like Rebecca, but not as cool. She needs to practice before talking on a video

  22. Abbey don't mind what people say here. You're doing just fine–trust me! It was good seeing you host a video honest.

  23. We know what a chair is we don’t need you to explain what a chair is to us for like 1:00 of the video

  24. I also miss Queen Rebecca but that doesn't gives us license to be mean to Abby.

  25. pIZznD
    I love it when she says that

  26. 1:03 crank dat cartman XD

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