Top 10 Scary Spider-Man Urban legends

Top 10 Scary Spiderman Urban legends
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Spider-Man has a variety of fan theories attached to him which is nos surprise as one of Marvel’s premier characters. He started in comics but has been in tv shows and movies and has no signs of becoming less popular anytime soon. In fact with outings like into the Spiderverse there are only more spider heroes joining the fray. Some of these theories extend so far as to be urban legends. Find out all about them here on Top 10 Nerd.
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  1. I was drawn in by the image of Mary Jane putting on the Spider-suit…CARE TO EXPLAIN THAT, PLEASE?

  2. Harley Quinn + venom = Varley Quenom?

  3. Hmm. This host seemed to really know her stuff. Subbed. I look foward to more.

  4. Some of these are just random as hell but i like the kindred character mcu would be a good way to give the character more spotlight

  5. these are neither scary or urban legends

  6. Venom + Harley Quinn? Reminds me of Lobo + The Mask. Terrifying.

  7. I hope Scorpion, Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter, & Miles Morales are in MCU's Spider-Man 3. (Miles was referenced in Homecoming!)

  8. Proves that this channel is nit following the actual comics. Venom doesn’t need Spider-Man to get the suit and iconic symbol.

  9. Matt Murdock is cameoed in the spiderman game

  10. The character rights doesn’t effect the video games

  11. Amanda McKnight + a Spider-Man list = someone having WAY too much fun! (In a good way.)

    Oh, and some good news: My understanding of the current Sony/Marvel deal is that Venom will enjoy "soft" connections to the MCU. Venom movies won't be able to directly reference MCU characters and vice versa, but they'll be able to talk about the events therein so long as Spider-Man was involved. So, essentially, Venom is and will continue to be on Earth-199999.

  12. “There was chemistry. I saw it in their eyes.”

    #Doc May#Auntopus

  13. 7:50 you said it best these people are screwballing everything

  14. Gwen and Ned have Twins… boy and girl.

  15. I believe Quentin learned about Spider Man from Janice Lincoln.

  16. I think kindred is the child of peter and mj who wants revenge for selling his/her soul to mephisto

  17. I hope number 6th become a reality

  18. #5 good always hate the ned character

  19. I am still hung up on the fact that you need to be "Far From Home" (#3) in order to have a "Homecoming '(#2)!

  20. Venom Batman he's so strong mentally that maybe he can control the Symbiot like superior iron

  21. Hey guys hey guys

    Sinister six six six

  22. Top 10s best nerd Amanda McKnight 👌🏾

  23. Characters who went berserk

  24. Characters who went berserk

  25. I personally think that Kindred is Harry Osborn

  26. Amanda, you are gorgeous. You should work on your gaze in these videos, glance at the prompter and then interact (and act) for the camera as if you are talking to a friend. That's part of why I fell in love with Roya. She made us feel like we were her best friends that she was also flirting with. Her personality also came out and she interacted with the comments. Also, do you know if Roya is coming back?

  27. Ummm Doc Oct has been introduced on Sony. Not need for re-intro MCU. Stop telling same story wasting my money.

  28. How would it be if Magus was the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy if he was split up from Adam Warlock? How would it be Baron Mordo unleashed Nightmare on Doctor Strange in his sequel movie? Could the main villain of the Black Panther sequel be either Nightshade or Namor? How do you think that Mjolnir is going to come back in Thor 4: Love and Thunder for Jane Foster to wield, Is Eitri going to make another one? How would it be if Beta Ray Bill wielded Thunderstrike in the MCU since Thor has Stormbreaker? How would it be if Spider-Man stayed as Night Monkey in the third movie till he takes care of Jameson and Mysterio's cohorts in order to clear his name? Is Morgan Stark going to become Iron Girl in the MCU? How would it be if she was an Ally and tech support for the young Avengers? How do you think black widow is going to stop Taskmaster who can copy your moves even with the help of Hawkeye and Yelena Belova? Who do you think should be Nova in the MCU between Richard Rider and Sam Alexander, How would it be if Zorr was the main villain of the Nova movie? How would it be if Quicksilver came back to the MCU since the X-Men Franchise is over so there can be one Quicksilver now? How would it be if Dracula appeared in the MCU alongside Blade? Is Blade going to be a team player with the other MCU heroes? How would it be if we saw one of the Eternals appear in the present time in the MCU and are their powers genetic which can be passed from Parent to child? How would it be if we saw Tony Stark from another dimension come to the main Marvel Universe wearing the God Killer Armor in the MCU? How do you think Shang-Chi is going to be portrayed in the MCU? How will be fight against the Mandarin with just his martial arts skills since he has the power of the Ten Cosmic Rings which makes him as powerful as Thanos, Are both of them going to be Makluans disguised as humans? How would it be if Shang-Chi had magical Nunchucks in the MCU?

  29. Can you do top 10 facts about Mallus and Neron from DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

    Can you do top 10 facts about the Red daughter Supergirl from season 4 of Supergirl?

  30. Can you do top 10 facts about Pariah, Harbinger, Ryan Choi, Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover?

  31. Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash villain Bloodwork?

  32. What is the third movie of Spider-Man in the MCU going to be about apart from Spider-Man being hunted down by everyone who believed Mysterio? How would it be if Jameson and the Scorpion were the main villains in this movie?

  33. Can you do top 10 facts about kindred? How would it be if we saw him in the MCU?

  34. Are we going to see both goblins in the MCU?

  35. How would it be if we saw Thompson was Agent Venom in the MCU?

  36. How would it be if we saw Spider-Man and Black Panther teaming up with each other to fight against Kraven the Hunter in the MCU?

  37. Which Actor do you think should play doctor octopus in the MCU? Should it be Mark Hamill?

  38. Who all are going to be in the Sinister six in the MCU?

  39. How would it be if we saw these urban legends happen in the MCU and in the TV shows?

  40. Can you do top 10 facts about these characters mentioned on this list?

  41. Amanda
    Love bites on your neck?😉

  42. What what about hip hop and r&b and marvel? I’m very interested

  43. You want all(well most of them)marvel heroes in an rpg? That would be the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series.

  44. Spider-man 2 had cast the best Doc Ock. Also, I hope they reference uncle Ben since he was important for Peter and he didnt care when his suitcase was destroyed in far from home

  45. Top Ten Facts About Daisy Johnson

  46. Don't call him Gobnom/Venlin. Black Goblin sounds SO much cooler

  47. Huh, Neat.
    Please continue your policy of ignoring useless suggestions in the comments. Reeking sludge.

  48. I think the most scarely comic is SpiderMan vs the goblin Carnage Form and also his grandson kid goblin . Yikes

  49. please make a video on 10 people hook up with night wing

  50. I swear, Kindred is going to turn out to be Peter Parker's original mind which died in Doc' Ock's body and was subsequently sent to hell.

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