Top 10 Scary Signs We’re Living In A Parallel Universe

Top 10 Scary Signs We’re Living In A Parallel Universe
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Have you ever wondered if we are the only ones in the universe? What if there was a universe that is almost the same as ours? Let’s travel to another universe as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Signs We’re Living In A Parallel Universe.
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  1. All different version of you are different.

  2. What If we r not earth 1 what if we were earth 363

  3. Y is this guy such a dicc to her everytime they collab?? 👎👎

  4. Gee whizz, you need to get a room for all that banter

  5. Lmao I love them together! 😂

  6. I have dejavu every night

  7. Umm.. am I the only one who thought the guy from number 7 meant Libya… please tell me I’m not

  8. Thanks for the post, lose the side kick!

  9. Thinking of parallel universes……….


  10. hey guess what you found a 4 000 years old hammer it did exist you just don't know about it

  11. If y’all don’t want to hear their lame a$$ going-ons’ aka waste of time, skip the first 1 minute and 30 seconds. You’re welcome!

  12. Okay, but like… Did that guy get his dog back?

  13. This duo was kinda cringy to watch in the beginning…worst than those two other guys who has sexual tension with each other on top25 or something!!

  14. The bumuta triangle is a portal to another universe!!!!!! Plz make a video about this please!!!!!!!

  15. I thought Deja vu was your past self has been there before or something..

  16. Is this the non white version of Top 5 scary videos? The PC version?

  17. no 3 is a story from the twighlight zone

  18. she needs to find clothes that fit her, and i do insist on her putting them on

  19. I love strange artifacts.:-):-D Very strange.:-O:-O What a great sweet dog.:-) Poor James.:-O:-O:-( :-O Weird.Universal tunnels are neat.

  20. 0:42 pushes here away but takes a small peek

  21. Whaaaa? The man from Taured is not on this list?

  22. I like "cheman" their good together

  23. Chayman : The Most Amazing Duo in the Multiverse

  24. Now on a serious note I had a dream about a place with a very distinct building. The stairs where used to hold up this educational building. Also was a highway with distinctive features. Two weeks later my BFF took a vacation to Colorado Special my first time. We visit The Air force academy and I saw the same building. Also the drive on I25 was just like my dream. So I guess in a Parallel universe I was a student at the Academy.

  25. Che you pranked me so good on the cold pillow thing. I'm like OK whatever. LMAO. ☺

  26. I want an album from paralell universe where Freddie Mercury wouldn't die so soon.

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