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Top 10 Scary She Hulk Facts You Need To Know
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  1. Top 10 Nerd Reply

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅: ANDROID: Start with:moneybag:50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

  2. As a comic fan my concern about the show is the writing. I don't want She-Hulk portrayed in the man bashing I don't need no man way female characters seem to be written nowadays. I want her intelligent, quick witted, confident, and powerful. The she has been for most of her time. Show don't tell.

  3. KingIceHunter Reply

    I actually expect to see Bruce crashing at her place and making her sandwiches for when she gets home from lawyering.

  4. Tommy Lewis Reply

    I miss the good days when nerds were a small section of society and people left us alone. She Hulk has been around since the 80s it has nothing to do with “woke”. I just hope the kids who the stuff is designed for is enjoying it and ignoring the adults.

  5. White Rabbit Reply

    okay i get some of the reasons people are upset over sjw and woke stuff. But ummm She-hulk has been a thing for ages.I'm a male and Ive always been a fan and loved her comics. (Oh yeah Jessica Drew is great) anyways, Jen is a great character. No I'm not a fan of Jane Fosters Thor I admit that. And I'm not huge on her being in the movies (cause i wanted Beta ray) But not cause the character is female. But i don't get why people whould hate there being a She-hulk series. matter of fact when i saw it announced I said about time!! By the way. Jen felt horrible over Vision. For a while she was refusing to change to She-hulk.

  6. romance comer Reply

    She hulk is really the best all you old fake nerds can go make me a sandwich duchess period 🙌🏾👍🏾

  7. My problem with female Thor is calling her Thor instead of Thora. Or even Lady Thor. It’s like calling Becky Lynch “the Man.” There’s no selling that and she sells “little weirdo” as a legitimate insult.

  8. Devin Sears Reply

    I rock the new she-hulk! May she never go back to being her old self!

  9. Bryce Royles Reply

    Why the heck are people against female superheroes like just because they’re female doesn’t mean they can’t be cool.

  10. Chris Cardenas Reply

    I laugh so hard at neck beards who get all upset over a female super hero, you’re man hood will be fine calm down

  11. Gregorio Tomaz Reply

    All I can say about a She-Hulk series is that IT'S ABOUT TIME! We're talking about a character that has made a serious impact in Marvel Universe! I found it unfortunate she never got the recognition she deserved! Like I said, IT'S ABOUT TIME!

  12. Kevin Stock Reply

    Wow so you cherry-picked some comments by idiots and morons to make a statement did you even need to do that in this video????

  13. georgia gaming Reply

    Actually the "hate" surrounding she hulk . Is just the disappointed of fans for what marvel did to her

  14. Carlos Cruz Reply

    From what they show of those She-Hulk hater comments… It seems as though those few ppl aren't aware that she is actually a long time pre-existing Marvel Comic character. They act like she is a brand new made up concept. They obviously aren't true fans…

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