Top 10 Scary Real Criminals Scarier Than Annabelle
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The stories we hear about Annabelle is creepy since it is based on real events. If you think Annabelle is scary, then the criminals on this list will for sure keep you up at night.
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  1. Elena Rodriguez Reply

    Nothing and no one is scarier than Annabelle since she has super natural powers

  2. Itz Ya Gurl Kalli Reply

    There was a woman named Miyuki Ishkawa, Apparently she killed 103-168 infants, it's messed up

  3. mathew frackowiak Reply

    none of this guys are scarier then michael cause for one simple reason these criminals can be killed but on the other hand michael just keeps coming back for u so that makes him scarier 🤣🤣💯💯

  4. Ödlefarmen Reply

    I like your videos, but I think you should stop using clickbaity titles and thumbnails, & also, please don't ever pronounce it "nucular".

  5. Macyelizabeth Reply

    Al Capone didn’t die in prison. I love y’all but get the facts straight

  6. Itz_Floofy_Lemon :3 Reply

    I heard bagdaddy died a few days ago i felt blessed 😂😂

  7. SilverzPlayz Reply

    Me: Watching Annabelle Movie

    MAT10: Posts "Top 10 Criminals scarier than Annabelle"

    Me: Deletes Netflix Account

  8. Lana Sumner Reply

    Oh come on now there is nothing scarier then that little psycho doll

  9. James Livingstone Reply

    If you guys want to hear more about Robert Picton, check out Rob Gavagan’s 2 part documentary on this man. It’s very gruesome but very interesting nonetheless.

  10. Steven Wolf Reply

    o m g how the hell could anyone feed prostitutes to pigs come on glad hes ew and now a womon name mary poising people well this takes Brittney spears Toxic song to a whole new level

  11. Tina Fitzpatrick Reply

    There is a movie about the russian dude andre chicatilo(sp?) Called citizen x…..

  12. Journeystomake Alkebulan Reply

    Che they did have the ability to test and find cause of death for many things even at that time. Of course nowhere near as much like it is today. Many murderers were caught during that time and earlier and later by doing test for poisons, etc. even exhuming bodies in suspected cases of foul play!

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