Top 10 Scary Neighbor Stories You Won't Believe

Top 10 Scary Neighbor Stories You Won’t Believe
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A person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to as a Neighbor. They’re around us most of the time. But what is really separating us besides some walls? After these stories you’re going to want to steel reinforce your home. These are the Top 10 Scary Neighbour Stories You Won’t Believe.
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  1. The Stalking Kid

    It all started when i was 6-7 i have a neighbor that are family with a daughter and kid named Kian
    When i was playing with my friend next door, Kian always watching me and my friend with every move that me and my friend did
    She can copy my quote even that i whispered to my friends and we played like almost 1 km!
    Kian was home, so me and my friends played at my house, she was quietly stalked us and copying every single words that i said
    So me and my friend's was moved house like 71 km far from Kian's house
    Its been 3 to 4 years we are doing fine

    But is she still stalking us?

  2. I used 2 live near a woman who used 2 say she saw ghost and 1 day she was just waking dwon road slicing her wrist screaming its not real

  3. Man said she went all the way 2 da hospital just because she inaled da weed burning she probably was high and thought she was gonna die

  4. I got lucky with my neighbors. It was an old couple. They were like my grandparents. Unfortunately the wife died recently, but ever since she died, i’ve seen shadowy figures in her house. I can see their windows from my house and I can see curtains moving, lights turning on, and someone moving inside even though nobody lives there. I know this because my aunt is the realtor for the house and she has the key to the house. Anyone that has to come to the house goes through her. Its scary as hell

  5. My near by neighbor kidnapped me then drove me on the parkway while blasting music and laughing at the scared look on my face. This all only took a half an hour. lol Then he dropped me off in front of my house and drove off. I still don't understand why he did that. 😕

  6. Not a scary story but it’s a story about my neighbor my neighbors are druggies they smoke meth and k2 I got off the bus with my friend we saw the neighbors arguing with a elderly neighbor he’s like 60 and the meth head swings so me and Morgan go up and rock the meth head and we start beating him and his friend for trying to hit the elderly man aka my landlord I only fought cuz I thought my parents rent would be reduced which it was but it turns out the guy was high on k2 and swears my landlord was trying to fight him when my landlord is 5’6 and like 60 years old barley a threat to himself so that is my story I really miss freshman year


  8. Landon when will u sing ?

  9. Very true story: I was in bed when I overheard my neighbor threaten to kill her son…actually pulled her gun on him..he was pleading for his life and others were screaming n begging her to put the gun away…yeh it was the hood..always gon have a scary neighbor story there, sad but true💯

  10. Just a long time ex-subscriber checking up 😭

  11. “LanDon DoNutSing”

  12. 4:40, that neighbor would be my best friend😂
    A friend with weed is a friend indeed!

  13. We didn't get along with our neighbors. One day my older brother drove to the store. About 20 minutes after he got back those neighbors were on our front porch and accused my brother of trying to run over their younger daughter with his car, even though the daughter said he didn't

  14. Recycling expired blood as rose fertilizer seems rather sensible to me. 🤷‍♂️

  15. My auntie and uncle had an unusually high water bill for anywhere between a few months to about 2 years I think but anyway only quite recently a few months ago the entire town found out that the ones “living” there weren’t actually living there, they lived in Sydney and it turned out that this house was used to grow weed and approximately $1.2 million was recovered from it

  16. ya cause people who grow weed are dangerous people,, so what now,,, since it's legal are the weed growers still dangerous??? … THIS real life right now???(scoffs)

  17. hey, Landon, I used to live by a pot house too. They had so much pot the swat team too just like you. The only difference is my neighbors were not selling it.

  18. Im the craziest neighbour in my neighbourhood…

  19. just imagine your neighbor screaming "How did it get burned?" over and over again.

  20. When I was about 11 there was a house down the street, that had an elderly couple in it. One night their son just busted in the door and beat them to death, apparently he was drunk? I still walk by that house, and I always think of it when I see it, not sure where he is now.

  21. Omg they had a grow opp such dangeorus people i would piss my self

  22. #top10 most amazing my daughter lived under a drug dealer. The cops came into the neighbours place and my daughters place as well and stuck a gun in her face twice. The got booted out but not before the neighbours hot stoned on something that got them so paranoid the man crawled under my daughters bed. Then because I visited her there I got pulled over for a drug check. The neighbours fought constantly.

  23. I mean it's expired blood, it can be used as fertilizer I believe . Nobody was killed for it..
    And.. it can't be used for anything else

  24. U lived next to plant growers? That was scary to u? …..

  25. I am usually the scary neighbor… one likes my dogs… do not like my dogs, then I don't like you….

  26. I remember seeing number 10 on this on list on this video it was on 2020 on abc i forgot when it aired on the show if i remember it ending badly i think i get at right when i seen it on 2020 put boy I'm very happy at mom dad and me did not any neighbors like at all here in Oregon

  27. I had a neighbour who hated animals & almost evey time I walked my dogs, I always passed her house & she'd make stupid excuse that involved harming me & my dogs or filing a lawsuit against me for letting the dogs pee on a tree that wasn't even hers.

  28. I had a neighbor who was a crazy

  29. 3 months in a motel…NO DISRESPECT BUT BOO HOO…. Please ask me what I mean… I will happily share my childhood… Please do….

  30. My neighbors are my family….scared yet???? Lol

  31. I’m the scary neighbor on my block it’s my hood

  32. My neighbor tried to steal my cat.

  33. Hello its Landon do not sing😂😂😂

  34. @landondowlatsingh I'm glad when people say they were foster for some people they are ashamed you let it be known to many people applaud your bravery thank you

  35. Hum weed growers,yes by,Ok yes by,Um ok she is strange.What,gross why would someone take home expired blood.Two why poor it on the Garden.Um ok he was Depressed for sure.

  36. Ya that's a jerk think seen this on news or YouTube whatever.Omg at least he was caught.Wow dangerous but not scary as in thought there be spooky ones not dangerous ones.I like your strange storys.

  37. This is really screwed up

  38. Allowing people to take home expired blood never ever happened. It was always and always has been discarded in an incinerator. Don't know where you get your information, but you should investigate your stories before before you put things out in your videos. Some of the crap you put out is just ridiculous. Is this real life right now?

  39. Yo mama so old, she was alive before the bgginging of time!

  40. "Pretty dangerous" actually only grew weed

  41. Landon dorkinjeans, idk what it is about this guy, but I just want to punch him in the face….😕

  42. I watch Fear Thy Neighbor, so I'm VERY aware of how insane neighbors get (to the point where a psychologist used her authority to have her neighbor, an innocent man recovering from invasive surgery, dragged to jail for a psych evaluation. He later died thanks to her abuse of power.) Makes you want to live in the middle of nowhere…..but then you have Bigfoot, so you're never really alone.

  43. The way he talks sounds like a robot, I cannot stand him talking

  44. As soon as I saw this guys I exited out the video

  45. Maybe your rabbit was bugs bunny and the man who threatened your dad was elmer

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