Top 10 Scary Movie Apocalypses That Could Actually Come True

Top 10 Scary Movie Apocalypses That Could Actually Come True
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We love going to movies! Movies are the best at being the voice of the people. They say the things we want to say and escape out of our daily lives. Some of these movies can even predict the future! These are the Top 10 Scary Movie Apocalypses That Could Actually Come True.
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  1. I shouldn't be watching this… i have to go to bed soon and i will think about this all night

  2. Maybe the big one a earthquake

  3. IO is just Wally but scarier.
    The Happening is just Bird Box but different reasons why people are dying.

  4. Just throw water on the robots, lol

  5. Zombies. Jkjk. XD

    Seriously though, I think the end of the world will come from either us discovering something not meant to be discovered in the ocean or by aliens thinking we're so stupid we dont deserve to live and destroying our planet.

  6. what seems realistic to me, is a chain reaction of suicides because people get depressed because the people they love commit suicide, so they continue the chain, thus causing the end of the world as we know it and extinction to all of humanity

  7. Robots will take over and we become there slaves

  8. Why is Deep Impact not on this list?

  9. Scariest apocalypse would be a deadly virus with no cure that travelled in the air and that you can see the cloud travelling wiping every living thing in its path

  10. If world war 3 or 4 happens but with asia robots im going to go crazy an kill the robots

  11. I have dreams about earth either ending or becoming super advanced based on the decisions we make here they are 2029 earth wiped out by huge meator if survived then 2050 huge health epidemic if survived 2079 first robotic attempt to kill humans if survived year 3000 humans genes become to weak due to multiple breeding

  12. i it most likely be nukes hoplful that dosen't happen for a wale though

  13. I think the earth will end due to global warming

  14. If we join south Korea with their weapons we can take down robots with them and we can actually make America safer again

  15. The deadliest apocalypse is YouTube dying

  16. I have few ideas
    1. Global warming
    2. Robots
    3. A disses(something like zombie disses) that goverment expediently release and don't inform the population

  17. I think the world's going to end by humans destroying everything draining all natural resources and everything

  18. I saw a movie called “the day after tomorrow” and it’s about what could happen if we don’t pay attention to global warming and climate change.

  19. ITS MR. DONOTSING!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

  20. I'm not scared of the end of the world. I think i would survive pretty much anything, the question is would one want to survive ?

  21. I'd rather have robots take over the world than anything else on this list

  22. Worst Thing in The World…
    You Crack Your Phone Screen And Your Phone Comes To Life And Cracks Your Face


  23. The world will end not with a bang but a wimper.

  24. the sun exploding we are going to die to the radeashun

  25. i think the VSCOs will take over :0

  26. Mad max was a post nuclear war

  27. About the I Am Mother movie…
    What if we humans went extinct as a species but were actually reincarnated as our own AI creations?

  28. As a Christian I believe in what the Bible says of how the world is going to end. And I am just totally fascinated by those 21 judgements of God's. So much that I happen to have the entire Left Behind series. It is that series that really got me back in to the Christian religion. I never read a book series that fascinating before in my life. Because I know as a Christian that it will all happen sometime in the future.

  29. Nothing can kill human but human can

  30. I watched I Am Mother it was an ok movie while there was a plot hole. Pretty interesting though

  31. Birds will take over, gulls and crow's.

  32. They all see me that's how ugly I am 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. If you are doing a part 2, put the movie Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines at number 1

  34. I believe that the world will either end sundenly and without any one knowing till it's over or in a whimper that there is nothing any one can do.

  35. A virus will cause the end of the world! Just saying

  36. What movie was at the beginning does anyone know ??

  37. Itachi just chillin in the background

  38. I think the would will end like
    1: A zombie apocalyps 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
    2: Robots taking over 🤖

  39. I think we are going to nuke a place and all die of radiation

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