Top 10 Scary Messages In Songs Played In Reverse

Top 10 Scary Messages In Songs Played In Reverse
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The reverse song theory has been terrorizing north america for so long. Ever since rock and roll, parents have been terrified that bands are leaving messages to corrupt their kids. And sometimes they were wrong and other times they were right.
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  1. Marijuana is not a drug 🤣🤣

  2. Wha-
    why was that intro necessary

  3. Is anyone disappointed that Secrets of Wysteria wasn’t on the list?

  4. The scariest song

    Ring around the rosy

  5. Queen is the best don’t be hating

  6. Liked commented and sucscribed

  7. No they didnt say it it not real

  8. OMGI think I heard I listen to Satan's music on YouTubeby Styx Too Much Time on My Handsif you hear it please put it on your list

  9. dont give me ideas for my own songs…
    im gonna play them in reverse now.

  10. Revolution 9 should have been number 9

  11. Dude I swear they are repeating the same videos. Or at least recycling the titles.

  12. I don't like heavy metal and a lot of rap songs because its satanic and demonic

  13. One song that scared me went like this :

    One, two. Freddy’s coming for you.
    Three, four. Lock the door.
    Five, six. Beat him with the sticks.
    Seven, eight. It’ll be too late.
    Nine, ten. You’ll never sleep again.

    It gave me nightmares for weeks.

  14. You can read anything you want in songs played in reverse. And by saying what is being said in the song you are planting the words in people's heads. All I hear is gibberish!!

  15. I love death metal/ heavy metal. (I just prefer music that songs good to my ears)

  16. Who came here from Amazing Top 10?????

  17. 6 – slayer is one of the most pathetic bands in history. they try way too hard to be edgy. theyre nothing but a bunch of wannabes with no talent.

    2 – marilyn manson is just a flat out loser. hes nothing but n*sync with mascara

  18. I promise I won’t scare myself before I go to bed

    watches this

    Welp, I’m screwed..

  19. Why is Beyonce wearing the Stark Nano gauntlet

  20. Wow spokie as is it gets. I still find it funny that the Christian Community came down on rock and roll now we have Christian rock and roll.

  21. Oh thank gosh! Luckily it's just Rock! Because I don't lesson to rock! Ahhh I'm saved! 🙏🏻

  22. It does sound like it sound like “it’s fun to smoke marijuana!!! “

  23. Secrets of wysteria backwards tells the story of s little girl who was raped and murdered.

  24. Me when they say sacrifice a virgin:😳👀

  25. We love Satan …deep purple stormbringer in reverse lol 😅

  26. …his announcing the pet shoutouts makes me feel better after watching this

  27. Santa is better than satan

  28. Santa. Big fat guy in a red suit. Re arrange the letters of santa and what do ya get ?

  29. Great! More pet shoutouts! Just what I need in my day. 🙂

    This wasn’t sarcasm. I promise.

    No, seriously. I love pets. 🥰🥰🥰

  30. but the first song in reversed the voices it said voisage

  31. You’re my favorite most amazing top 10 host

  32. Satan moves through our..


  33. I've listened to Aaliyah Rock the Boat backwards..have you?

  34. Hello Bob Ross!🖌🖼

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