Top 10 Scary Messages Found In Castles
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When we think of castles, we think of kings and queens living happily ever after. However, there are some castles who have the most horrific history behind them. Lets explore these castles as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Messages Found In Castles.
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  1. NicholasDaisy Awesomeness Reply

    Why would anyone saw anyone in half? That is so cruel!

  2. Candice Griffin Reply

    In the medieval Recreation group that I do I've seen guys pee their armor because they could not get him out of there fast enough to go pee after they've been fighting on the battlefield for 4 hours. It's a sad yet kind of really funny thing to watch


    Ye In IKEA I love tying my friend to one wardrobe to another see how long they can go without being ripped open

  4. The Templars were framed by King Phillip so he didn’t have to pay back his debt.


    There's something about Che that makes me think he would be the coolest person to hang out with.

  6. Jo HexxKitten Reply

    You do know that there are still people who live in castles right?

  7. "Don't act like your not sending these to the girls all over the kingdom"

    He just trying to slide in the DM's

  8. Baphomet was not the devil, and Philippe le Bel wanted to get rid of the Templars because A, he owed them money, and B, they wouldn't let him join.

  9. Yeah let me make this clear some of this so called historical evidence is very falsified you have to member for example that glad the impaler was a very cruel man to his enemies but he was put a desperate spot a lot of what we know about him was made up by his brother who is working with the Turks who he thought and you have to member that the Turks would often moss dries there are enemies and make them look like they were the heroes so we actually do not know if it true or not for example I do not know if lad was as cruel as he was because believe it or not he was trying to defend his people and he still held up as a hero and his homeland's

  10. Charlotte Cañas Reply

    I just got an ad for men's soap and they were talking about dry balls

    Wtf YouTube????????

  11. Jordynn Horror Reply

    Maury is for DNA/lie detector stories… Jerry is for relationship secrets/drama. Now you know lol

  12. Not on a castle but in my school we have a basketball concrete mini court. And theres a wall with another basketball thing on the other side.
    In grade 3, me and my friends found blood on the wall. I thought someone just hit their head on the wall (again) BUT on the other side of the wall, mud was on the wall saying;
    All ways watching
    And a bunch of word- not even words jumbled letters.
    Scariest real thing I’ve ever experienced ;-;

  13. I live in Scotland ots wall to wall castles in taking my magnifying glass and torch to search the walls for scotlands dirty little secrets

  14. Oh, man. I totally forgot about the show "Castle"! I fell behind after moving a couple years back, I should re-watch the whole thing and finally finish the series. I don't even know if it's still running, O_o

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