Top 10 Scary Marks Of The Beast

Top 10 Scary Marks Of The Beast
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There are many signs of doom or that the end is near that comes to us from our various histories. One such scary story is the mark of the beast. This symbol usually a 666 has become so well known it is even depicted in media. From the Simpsons to Doctor Who to Gravity Falls this symbol hailing from the bible can pop up where you least expect it. Find out where and what it means here on Most Amazing Top 10. Beware the mark of the beast!
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  1. I like Hood of Horrors..reminds u of Creepshow & Tales from the Crypt

  2. the deep voice sounds like the girl from house bunny when she wanted to learn someone’s name

  3. This is how many times she said the mark of the beast

  4. Urban legends of Wyoming

  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'll take the guillotine please. I'ma go to Jesus. Amen.

  6. My dorm room has 666 in the closet

  7. I love Abbey she’s such a nerd like me lol

  8. Hell don’t exist .

    Have a good night 😀

  9. Who tf is this… abby? Who what when why……… and Epstein didn't kill himself, never forget

  10. Your not actually doing that voice are you

  11. My ex has the mark

  12. She gonna need a throat sweet after this.

  13. Made me look back at my phone when the video started like tf 😂😂

  14. 666 isn't actually the mark of the beast, it's actually 616, and that's because in Old Yiddish, the symbols for 6 and 1 are extremely similar. It's a simple mistranslation.

  15. I read somewhere that the mark of the beast was miscalculated when deciphering the bible and it's actually 661.

  16. I’ve seen the show on number ten

  17. phazon… I'm being triggered xD long A sound.

  18. nice picks, as for the metroid one semi good choice. she became infected yes but she produces phazon due to the mark. it was actually a mark given to her by herself [plot twist LOL]. dark samus used the gravity suit, if i recall the final suit, to harness phazon.

  19. I love abbey in this video hello lol

  20. How did you get Cindy from scary movie to voice each number.

  21. I normally love watching your videos but I had to stop watching this video after just 3mins because I couldn't listen to her saying the numbers in that stupid voice anymore. Please don't ruin any more videos, just talk normally.

  22. Very appropriate that Abby is doing a video on the mark of the beast

  23. You're giving an awful lot of spoilers for a video that doesn't say that it has anything to do with media specifically. If I'd have known that there were going to be so many detailed mentions having to do with movies and tv shows, I probably would have given this one a wide berth. :/ Why you do dis?

  24. That deep voice thing your doing is literally why I'm not gonna finishing this video

  25. That deep voice thing your doing is really stupid

  26. It's 999 because 333 the father the son and the holy sprit BOOM

  27. is it me or did anyone heard a "Hello" at the beginning of the video?

  28. Here before people start begging for likes👇🏾

  29. U forgot Sasuke from naruto

  30. Simpson’s 🤨🤨🤨🤨

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