Top 10 Scary Lost Episodes

Top 10 Scary Lost Episodes
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Scary lost Episode!
What is the scariest thing you have seen on TV?

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  1. Yes I've seen that episode of family matters

  2. Somebody made the squidwards suicide without permisson wait so did squidward talk or anybody in the episode talk because… how would they have got the people to say the script. Just like let me ruin somebodys childhood.

  3. The spongebob episode really exists and the quality is absolutely horrendous

  4. my biggest fear is math and school

  5. Rebecca: What is the Scariest Thing You Ever Seen


  6. It was called suicide mouse because at the end Mickey runs into something and explodes

  7. the scariest thing i've seen on tv is my own face. i am ugly.

  8. Rebecca: what’s the scariest thing you’ve seen in tv?
    Me: Cardi b

  9. The scary episode is your mom

  10. twilight is the tv show nightmare

  11. The suacidal squidward is now more scarier

    Cause its canon in one of the episode of spongebob

  12. the scariest movie i reccomend you guys are "in the tall grass" its on netflix

  13. the scariest thing i'v ever seen would probable be a scary movie

  14. Scariest thin ive seen on tv is donald trump

  15. The scariest thing I’ve seen on TV is Donald Trump getting elected

  16. Rebeca: WhAt are you most scared of?
    James Charles

  17. Scariest thing fnaf movie trailer

  18. Squidward gave me nightmares since i knew it existed, right as i finally got over it i saw this and my nightmares are coming back XD

  19. I know ur lying wait ur not lying right

  20. 7:39 "Jerry also kills Tom"
    Shows Tom Killing Jerry

  21. You make amazing videos

  22. Whats the scariest thing I've seen on tv?…

    Fortnite ninja ads

  23. The scariest thing? Well nothing scares me that much on TV shows these days only movies, but when I was young I watched this rather dark episode of "Hey Arnold!" on Netflix, it was about this women who was dumped by her boyfriend during their marriage and was holding a axea and killed some kid or whatever.
    I was about 6-9, Im fifteen now.

  24. Shaggy with black eyes, now THAT is true power

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