Top 10 Scary Kid Show Theories

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  1. I couldn't stop laughing when he said the teletubbies sun is watching them like the eye of sauron

  2. The most scaries thing ever
    downloading tiktok

  3. Which 7 deadly sins is that

  4. I hate watching #top10 with Che Durena, dislike and unsubscribe

  5. Sees number 7

    Me: yeah, well so does Cailou(in my opinion)

  6. The dislikes are white boomers

  7. Break it down like a fat kid who sat down to fast XD

  8. Dude some people are selling that little mermaid vhs for thousands of dollars on eBay and the like.

  9. It was cute to hear you say "little doggie schizophrenia".😆💟🐶💫🤯🤪

  10. Good thing I watch anime. My otaku life has become so much better than those toddlers who are annoying


  12. Nice haircut, che! 😊

  13. I always have theory that Equestria is one of the 16 realms of Ninjago because in Ninjago s5 ep54 Lloyd & Morro were able to go from one show to another

  14. In the game pokemon red one of the chefs on the boat talks about cooking pokemon

  15. My dad says that the things on the Teletubbies heads have to do something with their gender. If you know what I mean.

  16. Yay tiger is my brother bc we both have ADHD

  17. Is anyone still gonna make memes
    About this

  18. {___/}
    ( 0 – 0)
    ( > 🍕
    What the fudge is going on?

  19. Number 3 is actually confirmed.

  20. Stupid stupid theories.

  21. Stupid stupid theories.

  22. I like how I have Spongebob Squarepants playing on my TV as I’m watching this

  23. I honestly doubt spongebob and Satan are connected

  24. Or maybe Charlie Bren cuts his hair

  25. It's things like these Kid Show Theories that pretty much spoil any happy child hood memories
    I've had of some of these shows! 😑

  26. Regarding the Harry Potter/ teletubbys one, the symbols are those of the deathly Hallows
    The triangle is the invisibility cloak
    The straight one is the elder wand
    The circle is the resurrection stone

    Where as the lightning bolt is the wand movement of the killing curse

  27. choo choo I’m coming for the booty

  28. hey yo courage the cowardly dog reminds me of salad fingers

  29. The Lesson I learned from this video is…..

    I can eat Magikarp.

  30. Charlie Brown does have hair though

  31. It's been so long since I watched top 10 amazing, the guy in the video is new to me, and the others look different, expect for the ginger, forgot his name

  32. Ewe sponge bob so ain’t lust. He might might be pride because he’s a perfectionist. Only one who can make a Caabby patty. Others have tried and all failed. Or I just need a babysitter cause I’m ranting on YouTube about cartoons lol.

  33. People were REAL high when they came up with these theories

  34. The Smurfs are not white supremacists (note spelling), they are blue supremacists.

  35. Dogs can see things we can't see

  36. 4:42 when are most (if not all) these list happy and not dark and scary?

  37. #10…

  38. there is another Charlie Brown theory that states that he is a war veteran w/ PTSD and everyone in the Peanuts gang is in an asylum as a patient or a faculty member and he is a patient of that asylum. and scooby doo is drug related.

  39. But Charlie Brown does have hair. ;-;

  40. “ let me break it down for you like a fat kid that sat down too fast” wasn’t too thrilled with that phrase right there.


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