Top 10 Scary Hotels You Should Never Stay At

Top 10 Scary Hotels You Should Never Stay At
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we are getting freaky and creepy as we talk the Top 10 Scary Hotels You Should Never Stay AT! I LOVE travel…I travel as MUCH as I can! I love staying in hotels! I love it! I love bathrobes especially….. The best hotel I have ever stayed at was The Blackstone in Chicago! It is SO GOOD!
Let me know the best hotel you have ever stayed at in the comments section down below!

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  1. Would you stay at any of these hotels?

  2. Great countdown I love Rebecca I could listen to her speak all day…amazing content😁👍

  3. The moans and groans could just be other people

  4. I never knew about all the gruesome stuff that happened at the Luxor… 😱

  5. Is it just me or does the hotel at the number 8 look like the same one in the movie "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculer Children?

  6. Do a top 10 haunted Las Vegas hotels! If you have it drop the link. I'd watch it

  7. Who recognized some of the hotels due to Sam and Colby videos?

    Just me… Ok

  8. I stayed at a haunted hotel before. It was in Montreal. Nothing happened to me personally but a lot of my coworkers had a lot of unexplained events and similar things had happened to previous guests who left reviews about it on yelp or whatever. One room would fill up with smoke randomly, another room had a girl pacing back and forth, someone saw a guy in old timey clothes, one co worker who is sensitive to the paranormal (I guess she’s like a medium) was being followed by a dark shadow and liked to tickle her feet and touch her hair. She saw my other co workers guardian angel and said he was an older Asian gentleman in a military uniform. My coworker never told anyone that her grandpa served in the Vietnam war. Lots of creepy stuff!! Barely slept a wink but was definitely fascinating

  9. Double Tree Augusta, Ga…go every year for my birthday & jus relax & get away frm my husband & kids lol

  10. you literally just put 10 hotels out of business with this video lol

  11. I couldn’t even bring myself to drive up the driveway to the the Stanley. The vibes I got were soooo strong and evil

  12. Also as far as the Luxor, that place is just gross. Not cursed. It's extremely crookedly built. I got extremely disoriented there. I prefer the Golden Nugget.

  13. Did I miss something?! I thought Rebecca left. Not griping mind you, but I wanna know if I need to resubscribe. Cause she's why I subscribed to begin with. She's adorable!

  14. NO Texas is boring! Trust me I live here there aren’t many things that interesting. some but not many

  15. I have had an encounter of the sprit kind at Hotel Congress there is a small hallway that goes into the kitchen,locker rooms,bathrooms,and behind the bar in the Cup cafe i was reading the John Dillenger news clippings on the wall when i felt a presence behind me watching me as i read these clippings on the wall it was quite creepy if you ask me now had walked behind me for awhile so you know it had to be a spooky aperission of sorts.

  16. Rebecca, love the videos. Please keep them coming. Oh and you're great too.

  17. 7:44 – Considering that people used fire for almost everything back then – light, heating, cooking, etc. – it seems odd that clothing was so voluminous and easy to catch fire. It would have made SO much more sense to have clothing with less fabric that didn't billow out so much!
    8:30 – Wait – is Bear a ghost dog or a live dog?
    11:01 – So a Sphinx is supposed to face toward the sunset? Then who, or what, watches out toward the sunrise?

  18. I freaked out a little bit because I actually stayed at number 1 a long time ago. didn't know it was haunted

  19. I was wondering what was different about this video and realized your narrating isn't being drowned out by creepy background music like the rest of this channels videos😁😁

  20. My husband & I stayed at the Cecil Hotel back in 2008. I remember the weird feeling we got as we entered the lobby, even questioning if we were in the right hotel. When we went up to our room, the oppressive air that hit us as the lift doors opened made us think we had been transported into another hotel entirely! We had an absolute blast though & only stayed there because we needed a cheap room for a few nights whilst driving the California Coast

  21. I only stayed at one hotal, it was years ago. It was the time when my house caught fire for the second time. I still remember. The first fire was when I was just 6 months old, and I believe it happened on 6-6-06.

  22. Lmao, i thought my mom was the only one who stole the small shampoo bottle in the hotel.

  23. This must be a sign lol because I’m watching Ghost Adventures on hulu and they are investigating the Crescent hotel and i open up youtube and this was the first video i saw lol

  24. Rebecca definitely the Stanley Hotel is my favourite. Although some other hotels listed are rich in history, I’m a huge Stephen King fan. The 1970s movie was filmed in a different hotel, but the miniseries that was filmed later was filmed in the actual Stanley Hotel. You’re beautiful as always.

  25. You should do a top 10 list of haunted hotels in Vegas

  26. No wonder why room 333 is haunted because the number itself is cursed so 🤷🏼‍♀️

  27. Sam and colby I'm coming with some suggestions for you lol 💁🏼‍♀️😂

  28. So did I miss The Crescent?

  29. Next time, add in “Hamilton-Turner Inn” in Savannah, GA

  30. You forgot about the Bodies Exhibit in the Luxor that has actual human remains. @MostAmazingTop10.

  31. The best hotel I've ever stayed in was hotel katajanoka in Helsinki Finland which was once an old prison and some of the inmates still go and visit ,please note I'm not one of those inmates even so it is an amazing hotel and good setting totally worth the money

  32. Always wanted to go to the Luxor Hotel…now I’m scared

  33. I think the lesson to be learned is "Don't build your hotel in the shape of a tomb."

  34. My favorite hotels that I stayed in was The Bellagio and The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The suites are amazing.

  35. The grand Pensacola hotel in Pensacola fl. I stayed there while attending pensacon in 2014. It use to be a railway station & they kept some of that look. Beatiful hotel and a great staff. Rebecca, you look awesome in the jacket & scarf, really enjoy when you host! I'm from Texas btw & if you go def should visit my hometown Fredericksburg. You can hike enchanted rock & visit the vineyards.


  37. I’m from Scotland and never heard of the Scotland one

  38. I stayed at the Galvez and are door to our room got locked

  39. if u r subscribed to Sam and Colby you would know they went to most of these hotels

  40. @Miss RebeccaJFelgate GURL ur outfit is TOTES giving me life I'm digging the 50's biker/pink lady/grease/Sandy make ovr look especially with the scarf you are killing that outfit an ur red lips are so vintage pin-up!!! U an Aymen (hope I spelled that right) have given me confidence in myself again the two of u are so strong, beautiful, highly intelligent an soooo funny I can't get enough of u gals love y'all ur both an inspiration to all woman kind that smart is the sexiest thing a woman can wear we should nvr dumb ourselves down for no one I've been a writer for years but always kept it hidden allowing ex's to convince me it was stupid an nothing but dumb girl stuff no one cared about (I write relationship articles, an Sci-Fi, fantasy) but u an Ayman have given me faith in myself to share my writing an even if I fail I can hold my head high knowing I tried I'm 37 yrs old an lost my father 4yrs ago he was the only person who ever believed in me, now because of u an Ayman I no longer feel worthless thank you so much ❤💋if I spelled her name wrong plz ask her to forgive me

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