Top 10 Scary Government Cover-Ups

Top 10 Scary Government Cover-Ups
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We all know that the governement, always wants to keep things hidden from the general public. There have been countless instances worldwide throughout history of the government fooling their citizens. Lets see what they tried to cover up, as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Government Cover-Ups.
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  1. You think governments are good at coverups? Oh dear, they’ve got NOTHING compared to churches.

  2. I love aman soo much. Hate if you want.

  3. Lmao omg I thought I was the only one who used the “gaydar” word! 🤣

  4. The John F. Kennedy Assassination Cover up?

  5. # 10, I had no idea that happened…As a Canadian that makes me really angry and disgusted at my government forever allowing something like to happen…I support the LGBTQ community whole heartedly…I feel very strongly they (the LGBTQ community) has always deserved way better then what they have ever gotten throughout history…makes me sick actually…

  6. I've heard of bohemian Grove

  7. Could you do a video on slenderman sightings please

  8. some of these are just crazy. though the Chernobyl one i have a interesting cover up that happened at the exact same time. i forget which location in the US but a nuclear power plant did the same tests as they did in Chernobyl but strangely right at the point it SHOULD have went meltdown like Chernobyl the safety systems woke up from being disabled and did their job…….. no variables where changed from what i heard. interesting that it happened the way it did.

  9. you should do top ten scary lucid dreams or weird lucid dreams

  10. top 10 parents who took it to far
    plz |:}

  11. "The Gaydar"

    Back into the closet I go.

  12. Beatles fans just admit it you flipped out when you heard John Lennon… or was that actually just me

  13. Lmao Gaydar machine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. I really wish Ayman would stop wearing that fake nose to work. Its ridiculous 👃

  15. Top 10 scary road trip stories please 👽

  16. Alex Jones infiltrated bohemian Grove and came out with video footage of some of what goes on during the event.

  17. Alex Jones infiltrated the BOHEMIAN GROVE going undercover and blowing the lid off of this highly secretive group
    producing one of the most sought after undercover real footage used in a shocking documentary which Alex personally risked recorded showing these very powerful individuals comprised of 'MEN ONLY' this Luciferian – Satanic group attend the highlight of the weekend with a ritual called 'THE CREMATION OF CARE where the effigy of a baby is set on fire until completely burned as a sacrifice to the pagan god MOLOCH an owl God whose massive statue towers over attendees
    *these so-called leaders and ppl in positions of the highest order in gov't- bankers- oil barons– basically the most powerful families in the world all showing their devotion and worshiping this deity to give thanks for their excessive wealth including such billionaires such as the Rothschilds etc.. and you can see in the footage sneaked out by ALEX JONES and made into a documentary proving world leaders are in fact practitioners of satanic rituals … look it up it's a very unnerving idea that world leaders practice black magic rituals to maintain their wealth and powerful status!

  18. Psst
    The TST isn't satanic, they don't even believe in h, they use the name because they were inspired by his story of rebellion

  19. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU EVEN MORE!!! How bout seeing your death BTW kill me!

  20. In the 90s when Clinton acknowlegded and apologized it was "wagging the dog" to cover up from uncovered evodence that the experiments were continuing… And to my knowledge still are.

  21. Bohemian Club uses the owl as a symbol.

  22. global warming is a myth

  23. Oh dear now I know about what us soldiers did in Vietnam (it makes sense how screwed up they are) I will never be able to forget the actions they took and got away with, I mean why?

  24. Hi Ayman! Awesome video! Love it when you host the videos on this channel! Love this channel and content! 🙂


  26. do you ever hear something so sad that just to keep your heart from breaking too hard you don't react
    or something that is so upsetting to keep your mind from going too wild you just can't react
    like a shut off reaction
    that is how I feel when I hear stories like this, especially #1

    i am tired of living in a world where such evil beings exist and do not getequal amount of punishment as the pain/chaos they cause

    but the good and innocent are always killed and get harmed

  27. What is wrong with her mouth

  28. United States government probably killed John Lennon anyway and the JFK and they also probably had Marilyn Monroe killed

  29. What's up a y m a n hope you're doing well and I hope you enjoy that Canada space I sure wish I was in Canada right now America is going terrible and I love all the work you're doing up there keep up your good stuff on YouTube

  30. Can I say thank u so much for liking my comment on instagram 😄

  31. This is they type of video rebecca would do….

  32. Cause climate change has only ever been about money. And this should have been named "Favorite Conspiracy Theories" since half of what you put out were not cover ups, they were conspiracy theories.

  33. more top ten night shift stories please!

  34. It’s like she’s trying to hard to be “hip”

  35. Thanks for the shoutout I love this channel 🙏

  36. I swear you have copied your voice and personality from the other girl

  37. Ultimate Conspiracy not all Gov. is evil and corrupt there is a shadow war taking place thats been going far longer people think. Very active
    I happen to have it on good authority the game is afoot its no game look through BS and youll see truth. Govs kingdoms countries are judged moon fits perfect during eclipse do the math good and evil is very real truth and deception easy enough to verify lot Jhost stories. Hard to see in the dark isnt it … let there be light crunch game over.

  38. A lot of interesting things & scary things happen b4 2005

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