Top 10 Scary Babysitter Stories You Won’t Believe

Top 10 Scary Babysitter Stories You Won’t Believe
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Babysitting is one of those jobs that almost everyone has done at one point or another and there are some scary babysitter stories that will creep you out. The best babysitter stories are the scariest ones so today on Most Amazing Top 10 we’re bringing you the Top 10 Scary Babysitter Stories You Won’t Believe. Out of all of these scary babysitting stories, which one of these will you not believe?

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  1. Which scary babysitter story did you find the creepiest? Also – be sure to stick till the end of the video, because you won't believe what happens in number 1…

  2. That knock was so realistic, my heart leaped to my throat as I thought someone knocked my door.

  3. 1:52 I legitimately thought someone was knocking on my door.

  4. Does Vodka havea scent or taste? If yes,then that babysitter should have been able to figure out that it was Orange juice mixed with alcohol after a short time and not let the children drink anymore. Did the babysitter put the child under the water bucket or did the kid leave the babysitter,walk over and sit under it.If she tried to pick up him or her but didn't reach the child in was a negligent's not like she was mad,walked over to it with the baby,and set him down underneath it. The babysitter who hid the child's clothes is horrible.Oh no!That Poor drunk one year old baby.:-O:-O:-(:-( Why would any one get drunk while watching kids??:-O:-( The 40 year old babysitter didn't look in the rear view mirror or at all the car seats before leaving her car??

  5. Congratulations Landon!!

  6. How do you even forget that you have a kid in your car???

  7. I think you should only trust family to take care of your babies

  8. Congrats Landon!!! #babytakeover

  9. Hate the kid in the tattoo video he's a prick

  10. Congratulations Landon!

  11. I don't trust babysitters or daycares this'll add to it

  12. 1:52 who had both their earbuds in and listened and thought it was real. i know i did.

  13. #9… Bet that’s those kids favorite babysitter 🤣

  14. Not to scare you Landon… but when my cousin had her second child she had her own MOTHER babysitting them while she worked. The kids had bruises and always acted funny around her, so my cousin got a camera that looked like a charger and found out she was mistreating them… sooo yeah it doesn’t matter how long you know someone, they’ll be assholes to kids.

  15. I can only imagine how painful her death is at #1.

  16. I know being in a scary situation at a young age can be jarring, but why not call the police directly instead of calling your mom only for her to call the neighbors and having them calling the police?

  17. As soon as Landon said "knock at the front door " , someone knocked at my door . Super weird !

  18. Congrats on the baby 😀🎉

  19. for life because the baby didn't get to have a good long life

  20. I'm wearing headphones and number one scared me when there was the the knocking sound effect

  21. Please stop saying "is this real life right now."

  22. Aww. Is your baby a boy or girl?❤️💙

  23. Congratulations you going to be a Daddy everybody let's give him a round of applause

  24. #1 Sentence- — Length= 1 lifetime , she was negligent and a baby was snuffed out.

  25. DAMN IT that knocking sounded so real through my earbuds I thought someone was really knocking on my door that sound really made me jump MAN!!! GREAT VIDEO LOVE IT!!

  26. You really had me going with that knocking sound, Landon! I'm on the living room couch, and I legit thought that came from the wall behind me… I got paranoid over nothin'…! XD

    OMFG, congrats!! I had no idea you and your wife were expecting, Landon! Boy or girl?? 😃

  27. Congratulations on your new addition to yours and your wife's family!! You will be a great father! Babies are absolutely amazing!! Congratulations again!!

  28. How do you forget a baby in your car?!

  29. that's why you never ever get a random person to babysit your kids alway get someone you know like a close friend or a family member my boyfriend and are gonna have kids one day and there is no way we're gonna let a random person babysit our kids

  30. "And start following me"
    All stalkers nod their heads and follow him around

  31. Ey bruh is this real life right now

  32. How can you just forget your first priority like that, 100000000000 years in jail

  33. #7 should be charged for child pornography

  34. #1 should be in jail for at least 60 years for being stupid.

  35. Landon Donotbabysitme 🔔🔛🔔

  36. My mom said that one time on Halloween, when I was about 3, the babysitter decided to throw a party while she was at work and I drink a wine cooler because I thought it was a grape drink. At that time wine coolers were 15% alcohol…

  37. My fiance let me be a stay at mom so we can avoid daycares and baby sitters we can't trust o.o

  38. She shall be put away for 3billion years

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