Top 10 Scary Abandoned Lighthouses

Top 10 Scary Abandoned Lighthouses
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Going to a lighthouse is a great way to get the perfect view of a lake or an ocean. However, these lighthouses on this list, you don’t want to step foot in them because of their scary background story. Get scared as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Abandoned Lighthouses.
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  1. Resting place for urns!?
    wow, but then how can the families visit?

  2. The Danish one at Rubjerg Knude is being moved 70 meters inland right now. in hope of saving it from going into the sea, crossing my fingers that it goes well!

  3. Ayman is one of my favorite

  4. Lighthouses are cool af. Haunted lighthouses are even cooler but even as much as i like snakes it'll be a cold day in Hell before i ever go on snake island. The only 3 snakes i kno of where i am that are poisonous are the Timber rattler (never seen one jus heard em), cottonmouth (have seen several of those, luckily not close enough not to get bitten tho) and the copperhead (also have seen several of those almost got bit by one but i got lucky) lol

  5. You are so funny. I love beautiful 😉

  6. Fml, Ayman's a dime.

  7. really great vid! I knew about snake island but the other ones sounded really cool. A solid thank you to the gal's and guys who make these wonderful vid's happen…you're brilliant!! And to Ms.Hasan… I wish you luck with the broken heart. Take care-M

  8. I thought that was just your style

  9. I love this channel other than the other YouTube channels.

  10. Estonian urban legends

  11. Rubjerg Knude is pronounced with the K. Knude, not nude 😂 Actually it's gonna be moved on Tuesday (22. Oktober 2019). They will move it about 80 meters indlands from the edge 😊

  12. Your so beautiful and love your voice and have a great day

  13. Who would have thought there would be 10 abandoned lighthouses to talk about. Hell, I wouldn’t have even thought there would 10 lighthouses x

  14. I've been inside a light house before~ Luckily it wasn't abandoned

  15. Bouy is pronounced boo-e Ayman 😁👍

  16. I recommend myself!

  17. Sure I do! I’m a lit boy!

  18. You are the most cringest person ever.

  19. I Live In Curaçao ☺ And Yes You Said It Right And Yes I'm Late

  20. Ayman ya too cute even when the damn video is creepy ASF

  21. Irritating presenter.

    Bring back sexy bexy

  22. Did Rebecca leave and why

  23. nice to see you again

  24. I can read ayman better then abbey 😥

  25. Ayman is my favorite host now

  26. i actually was ocd about it before you tell it hahah ahh my dumb compulsive brain… and good for you !! no tinder ! congratulations!😂
    old school girl 😎

  27. I hope you never stop doing top 10 ayman 😁

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