I spooked ya! Thanks to @no_funeral and DigitalBob for the help with the music/outro
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‘WetGrass Inspired’ [Tristram] by AmIEviL:
Undercity Music:
WoW Desert:
WoW Cursed Land:
Ebon Hold General Music:
Arthas, My Son:
BfA Soundtrack ‘Crimson Forest’:
Waycrest’s Curse:
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  1. MadSeasonShow Reply

    Halloween is my favorite holiday…I don't even need to buy a mask!

  2. "Meaningful and rewarding loot system" in classic? With ninja looters and dkp systems?

  3. Books & Coffee Reply

    11.55 That was the cutest little squeak of horror I have ever heard.

  4. Joker AND Darkest Dungeon reference in a matter of minutes? Mad you sly dog

  5. I loved this video! This is easily one of my favorites that I will end up rewatching again 😆

  6. Captain Grim Reply

    That was bloody beautiful madseason. I now have to be in rehab because of the overwhelming amounts of fear i experienced especially due to the first spot. But it was all worth it

  7. Darryl Smith Reply

    I've said it before and I'll say it again I dont even play wow but I love this channel lol

  8. SoulofGabriel Reply

    I play on moon guard and the goldshire inn will always the #1 for me

  9. Yoti Coyote Reply

    There's plenty wrong with Furries, but there's plenty wrong with mostly every conglomerate of people coming together for some specific interest. There's not a single community you couldn't name something cringe or bad about. It's getting rather frustrating when the youtubers and streamers I love to watch, constantly remind me that they hate me because I'm a Furry. I served in the US Army, I contribute to society, I'm a fairly normal person. Why do I have to be judged? I know a lot of Furries are cringe, but not every single one of them.

  10. Blind Roach Reply

    9:07 I love how that undead just stopped like " Wait… IS THAT MADSEASON? "

  11. Cyber Scratch Reply

    i would have put the tea party questline from drustvar in the list…creepy kid killed everyone in the town and is happy about it.

  12. I know the song beginning at 6:58 is technically "Arthas, My Son". However, I cannot find the version MadSeason used. Help me!

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